He Went To ATM To Withdraw $20 And Was Surprised With $1 Billion In His Account – Prensa Libre

He Went To ATM To Withdraw $20 And Was Surprised With $1 Billion In His Account – Prensa Libre

American Julia Yunkowski was “horrified” to see so much money in her bank account. (Photo: Perfil.com).

The story of this distinguished woman spread on social networks because she assured the media of her country that she “has not touched her bank account since Saturday for fear of getting involved in a bigger financial problem. I have read stories about people who took the money and had to exchange it. I will not do that in any way because Not financial.”

Had she kept the money, she would have been ranked 615th among the richest people in the United States, some media irony. The lucky woman, for a moment at least, took the alleged error of her bank sarcastically and said that she “was trying to contact your bank, Chase, to inform them of the error and try to return the money to its rightful owner.”

in statements WFLA Julia said over the weekend, “Oh my God, I was horrified. I know most people think I won the lottery, but I was horrified. When I picked $20, the machine said it would cause an overdraft and I would be charged, so I said, “Oh, forget it.”

At that point, she decided to take a look at her checking account balance and realized it was less than a few thousand dollars to become a billionaire by chance. Junkowski found that he had a balance of $999,985,855.94 in his account.

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Bank reply

in statements WFLAThe bank spokesperson said that $999,985,855.94 was not a positive balance and was in fact a negative balance of close to $1 billion. The man explained that Julia’s account showed a very negative balance as the fraud prevention method used to freeze an account, which is why Julia was unable to withdraw the money.

The reason for implementing this tactic was that Julia’s late husband was co-owner of the bank account, and when she tried to use it, the bank recorded it as suspicious activity.

| Video: Channel 8 WFLA News published a video of Julia’s strange and unusual story |

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