He will meet with President Lenin Moreno and President-elect Guillermo Laso next week Politics News

He will meet with President Lenin Moreno and President-elect Guillermo Laso next week  Politics  News

Transition is the main topic of the date that will be scheduled at the beginning of the week.

The Secretary General of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Jorge WatedYou mentioned that President Lenin Moreno and President-elect Guillermo Laso will meet at the Carondelet Palace next week to start the democratic transition of government.

The idea, Wated said, is to invite the president-elect, his wife, and vice-president-elect Alfredo Borreiro, and his wife. The event will be attended by outgoing Vice President Maria Alejandra Muñoz and her husband.

Lenin Moreno declared Guillermo Laso’s victory in the April 11th elections

In addition, a meeting of government transitional groups is scheduled to be held with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) To coordinate the transmission of information.

Guillermo Lasso, who is today at his home in Guayaquil, where he met his meticulously coordinated team on the relocation issue, announced the first two names that would take care of this: Juan Carlos Holguín, former Quito Mayor candidate for CREO, and Evan Correa, who was the candidate’s campaign head.

On the part of the government, the The Secretary of Labor, Andres Esch, and Secretary Wated They lead the transition team.

Wed stressed that absolutely all information will be handed over, on all cases, and that the vaccination process must proceed without the transition process becoming difficult.

“All the information from the executive branch will be honest.” “Nothing gets away with it,” Witten said.

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He pointed out that the most sensitive topic is the unstoppable vaccination plan.

Days ago, Isch commented that 110 government initiatives have been identified, including statistics, building legislation and contracts, on which information has been gathered for handover to the president-elect. (I)

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