Live: Portland Timbers won a Marathon and was knocked out of the CONCACAF Champions League – Ten

Live: Portland Timbers won a Marathon and was knocked out of the CONCACAF Champions League – Ten

Accurate. 71 Ripped out of the fourth marathon. Dinovan Torres sends Tico Marvin Luria’s shot into a corner kick.

Accurate. 69 Marathon makes the five changes; John Paul Suazo entered and striker Edwin Solani left.

Accurate. 67 First change in Portland. Felipe Mora left and Marvin Luria entered Costa Rica.

Accurate. 65 Joooooool From Portland. Diego Valerie creates the third goal with a shot inside the area after a delay from Van Rankin.

Accurate. 64 Yimmi Chará was close again, with a header ending a cross sent by his brother Diego.

Accurate. 62 Curvin Arriaga leaves and Carlos Garcia, who will play in the middle, will return to Luis Vega, left-back and Emilio to contain.

Accurate. 60 Tichira saves from the goal line. Asprilla finished without a goalkeeper at the foot of the pursuit defender.

Accurate. 53 Dayron Castillo ‘s cross shot that got lost.

Accurate. 47 Diego Valerie came close to scoring with Vaseline. The Argentine continued the attack and put the marathon in trouble.

Accurate. 46. The second half begins. Portland was about to score through Yemi Chara.

Accurate. 46 Marathon made three changes: Brian Castillo, Wilmer Cresanto and Marlon Ramirez came out, and Kevin Hoyos, Redoan entered Palermo and Christian Calix.

Accurate. 45 + 2 Full time. Portland won a 2-0 marathon in Oregon in a very good match.

Honduras featured Curvin Areaga of the Portland midfielder Marathon, Diego Chara. Images courtesy | CONCACAF

Accurate. 45 + 2 Forgive the Portland Marathon! Goalkeeper Clark’s mistake when unable to stop Techera’s cross, Kervin Arriaga promptly terminated and rescued defender Claudio Bravo off the line.

Accurate. 44 He was not penalized for a marathon penalty for José Carlos Van Rankin overthrowing striker Brian Castillo.

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Portland defender Claudio Bravo tries to remove the mark from Wilmer Cresanto. Image courtesy | Portland Club

Accurate. 42 Carlos Perdomo warned of a marathon to make a mistake on Colombian Asprilla, an aquarium in Providence Park in Oregon.

Accurate. 38 Matthias Techara’s header collided with a cross pass from Kervin Ariaga.

Accurate. 35 Joooooool From Portland. Yimmi Chará appears in the small area and after getting a pass from Asprilla, he finishes his left hand and inward.

Accurate. 34 Curvin Ariaga remained in Clark’s hands.

Accurate. 32 Dinovan Torres is crowned Felipe Mora. Very good guardian of the beast.

Accurate. 26 Yimmi Chará canceled Portland’s goal play for offside.

Accurate. 19 Close to a tie! Brian Castillo was close to a tie after a mix between Machuca Ramirez and Castillo that ended on a grand scale.

Accurate. 17 Joooooool From Portland. Yimmi Chará opens the account with a shot that crosses Denovan after a pass from Valeri.

Accurate. 16 Strong mistake by Diego Chara on Curvin Ariaga.

Accurate. 14 Wrong by Emilio Isaguere against Diego Chara.

Accurate. 7 Yellow Dario Zobaric of Portland due to contamination by Brian Castillo.

Accurate. 6 Salvadoran referee Ivan Barto of Colombia warned Asprilla of Portland due to his persistent mistakes.

Accurate. 1 The first Marathon shot went out from Clark’s goal. Emilio Isaguere hit a superb free kick.

Accurate. 1 The game starts in Portland. Marathon looking for manhood.

6.01 p.m. Players are already heading to Providence Stadium in Portland for the second leg.

5.22 pm As for Marathon, he only needs to win in order to qualify, as he is one of the few competitors in Central America to not lose in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League round of 16.

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5.17 pm Portland Timbers 11: Stephen Clark, Josicarlos Van Ranking, Larry Mabiala, Dario Zubarik, Claudio Bravo, Eric Williamson, Diego Chara, Yemi Chara, Diego Valerie, Dyron Asparella and Felipe Moura

5.16 pm This is how he plays Marathon against Portland: Dinovan Torres, Wilmer Cresanto, Carlos Lopez, Matthias Techera, Luis Vega; Luis Garrido, Curvin Areaga, Emilio Isaguere, Edwin Solani; Marlon Ramirez and Brian Castillo DT Hector Vargas

4:55 PM: Striker Carlo Costley Friday was injured in training and did not travel to Portland, making it a sensitive loss for this evening in Oregon.

4:50 PM: Before leaving the Focus Hotel for the stadium, a group of fans positioned themselves in the suburbs to lend their support before committing.

4:40 PM: The marathon team arrived at Providence Park for the second leg against Portland Timbers in the CONCACAF Champions League round of 16.

the previous

Marathon, Already installed in PortlandPlay against him the woods For the last 16th round Champions from CONCACAF (6:00 PM / TV broadcast). In the first leg, they tied 2-2 at Olympic Stadium Because of the visitor’s goal, the Americans have a slight advantage.

But Marathon He does not give up and has reached the enemy’s area contemplating taking this feat against a team full of good players like Diego Valerie, Brothers chara, Felipe MoraAnd the Christian Paredes And Peruvian Andy Polo.

In the fencing preview, Hector Vargas, One of the technicians of Honduran representation, explained that they are not dead and that they are steeped in optimism when he remembers when he was, when he was with Olympiad, Eliminates Portland Timbers.

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I really had to come and shoot them to Portland with Olympia, I’m very lucky. Valerie, Gata Fernandez, Chara was really there. Many who competed and were as good as the one there was today. There was an audience, a lot of people attended at the time. The audience here is different, calmer, they enjoy the show, and if the percentage is lower, it can affect itself, but the players are the ones who solve, ”the Argentine said at a conference.

From his Venezuelan side Giovanni Savories, The captain of the American team, was not the favorite, because he respects the marathon a lot, and he is the club that actually surprised them in San Pedro Sula with a draw in two.

“I don’t believe in the favorites sign, yeah, they talk about it, but if you believe in it you are wrong. We know Marathon is going to be fierce and we are excited to bring out the best in the game, and it’s very competitive.” At the press conference.

The truth is that the match will determine one of these seeders for the quarter-finals of the competition. Marathon He will have to win the match if he wants to reach or draw by more than two goals, and that is for the goal outside the ground.

Seep Hector Vargas You will have all your equipment, except Carlo CostleyWho did not make the trip and stayed on it Honduras Because of an injury he suffered in the match against UPN Last Friday at Yankle Rosenthal.

PlaygroundProvidence Park, Portland, Oregon.

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