Health of Ortega’s young opponent imprisoned in Nicaragua raises concern

Health of Ortega’s young opponent imprisoned in Nicaragua raises concern

Managua, Nicaragua.

The Alliance of the University of Nicaragua (AUN) on Monday issued a “Damage for the physical and mental health” of opposition youth leader Lester Aleman, known for his reprimand to President Daniel Ortega in 2018, who has been in prison since the beginning of last July.

The student organization issued its call after learning that “the authorities of the Legal Aid Directorate have asked relatives to bring medication to treat the symptoms of vertigo or dizziness without a prescription.”

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“We have raised the second SOS alert regarding the deteriorating physical and psychological health of the young man, demanding adequate and independent medical attention, with the application of prescription medications through a prescription,” the agency noted.

Alemán, 23, rose to the fore to address President Ortega, the leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), on a live television broadcast, asking for surrender in the context of the anti-government demonstrations that erupted in April. 2018.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office charged the student leader, whom the opposition considers a “political prisoner” since his arrest on 6 July, with the crime of “conspiring to undermine the unity of the homeland”.

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AUN had already issued an initial distress call on the 9th about Aleman’s health, which it described as “dangerous and disturbing, as a result of extensive interrogations, psychological torture, and near-lack of communication with his relatives and lawyer.”

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The young man’s mother, Lesbia Alfaro, asked a doctor to see her son, after he learned that he was “thin,” and had problems standing, hunger and clear signs of dehydration, he said.

Alemán is imprisoned in the national police prison known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, along with 35 other opposition leaders and independent professionals, including seven presidential candidates, arrested in a wave of arrests in the context of the November 7 elections, in which Ortega seeks To be re-elected again.

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