Hector Acosta’s wife has been defrauded on the villas’ Instagram page

Hector Acosta’s wife has been defrauded on the villas’ Instagram page

Irralisi, Lenina Vásquez-Lopez, wife of singer and senator from Monsignor Noel’s county, Hector Acosta “El Toretto”, on Monday denounced her instances of cheating on her social media page. “The Pearl Villas are great.”

According to Vasquez, he was the victim of social media unscrupulousness after making a reservation on the Villas gran perla page, in which S $ 29,850 was deposited through the Reserve Bank, which is reflected in his bank account in the name of Dauly Hernández.

“Attention! I was cheated on this page: Villas Gran Perla, who appears as CEO, was used to continue the fallacy of this page. He wrote:“ He has nothing to do with this, he is another victim. ”

In another post, he wrote the account number and ID of the alleged fraudster and added, “Hey, international, get ready, you won’t stay with that. I’ll get rid of you.”

Among the comments, some users said the same thing happened to them while trying to rent villas, reservations that have boomed last year during the pandemic.

“The same thing happened to my niece, she lost $ 300, I was so sorry for her that I offended her! Hope she finds this criminal!” Lissettepenaa commented.

A similar situation occurred for another person, but not in a village. User bywendymvm wrote: “He went to a neighbor with 20,000 carpets to buy rugs for resale and also has supplier data but she hasn’t achieved anything …”

Space character “Más Roberto” and YouTube, The Dutole NastraLast year, it was reported that an Instagram page used pictures of him in a village and promoted them under the name of another place, which means that a member of the “Alofoke Radio Show” recommended them.

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Although he was not deceived, he warned his followers to trust all offers and accounts of tourist places that appear on social media, without investigating well first, as they tend to “steal” pictures of other villas and change the name and address.

The botanist Iralyze Lenina Vásquez-Lopez, who has been married since 2012 to the translator “Amorcito enfermito”, raised the alarm.

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