The winners were announced by Maria Luisa Bourgas and Mel Zelaya with the general coordination of Libre

The winners were announced by Maria Luisa Bourgas and Mel Zelaya with the general coordination of Libre

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In a power struggle within the Freedom Party and the re-establishment (free), Maria Luisa Bourgas and Manuel Zelaya Rosales They still don’t give up and they both have announced The winners Of the general coordination that will take over his duties as of April 1 of this year.

“My deep gratitude for the analytical and courageous fight of Libre, as well as for the conscientious citizens who placed their trust, even without an army in our party, lent their firm support to me to achieve the general coordination of the party. In retirement.

The response of former Honduran President (2006-2009) Manuel Zelaya did not wait on social networks, “In the audited minutes I have 85% of the votes in favor of the eight currents that supported me for the general coordination of the Free Party,” he said.

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Faced with Zelaya’s reaction, Maria Luis Bourgas said Tuesday that “the people of Honduras have already realized that it is necessary to have people who have historically been on the right side, and that is why I received support, not only from Lieber’s militancy, but also from people from other parties.” People are resilient and want change, and they no longer want to continue with the same tricks or have the same bosses who have become leaders and believe that they are the owners of the party. “

Bourgas indicated that it offered to democratize the party, make transparent decisions as provided for in the statute and provide accounts in both the proceedings and the financial management of Libre.

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He asked, “He (Manuel Zelaya) remained silent and without answering many questions due to the accusations, his face did not appear, but he quickly responded to my message on social media, what he says is completely false.”

Wilfredo Mendes, from Liber

Wilfredo MendesWho joined recently Primary elections To lead Lieber’s candidacy for the presidency, he commented, “This is an extraordinary victory. They will indeed imagine the party’s ruling party astonished to the party, because these results were not expected for them and this is the reason for their discomfort. Maria Luis Burgas, I ask the National Electoral Council to respect itself the results of the general coordination “.

“ Manuel Zelaya has an indisputable leadership and many of his close aides were confident that they would remain in the power structure, but this news is very disturbing, because now political agreements, including the issue of general elections by Lieber, will go through the team led by Maria Luis. Burgas, which has a total of 24 members, ”added the politician.

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