Hector, an associate of Victoria Salazar, has been convicted of sexually abusing one of his daughters since March 11.

Hector, an associate of Victoria Salazar, has been convicted of sexually abusing one of his daughters since March 11.

The State Attorney’s Office confirmed that he was able to thank a witness who provided information about him. According to officials, he lived with Victoria for two years.

New information about the Victoria Salazar case has come to light in recent hours, especially information about her ex-partner, who was identified as Hector “N” by Mexican authorities.

According to a report by the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Hector had an open file for sexual abuse against one of Victoria’s daughters, who was murdered on Saturday, March 27, outside a business in the municipality of Toulom, in the same state.

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The man was taken into custody yesterday, confirmed by state Governor Carlos Joaquin Lopez and the FGE, who said he was being held for crimes against freedom and sexual security and for his disobedience to individuals.

In that statement, the attorney general’s office said the investigation against the man began on March 11, when the legal assistant (DIF) of the Organization for the Integrated Development of the Toulouse family filed a complaint after investigating the minority’s case.

In an unexplained explanation, the FGE establishes that the girl and her mother came to the DIF after Victoria was produced before a civil judge, who allegedly committed an administrative offense in which no further information was known. The judge himself sent them to the DIF, where the Minor version was known.

During an interview in the attorney general’s office for the protection of children and adolescents, Minor reported being abused by his stepmother, Hector.

With this in mind, the Mexican Ministry of Public Works appointed experts to investigate the psychological, medical and criminal aspects of the case, while at the same time reporting to the police that further investigation and information could be added to the already opened file. Against the accused.

On March 22, during an interview with FGE staff Minor, Victoria was able to define the reasons for her immigration to Mexico with her daughters, which is why the prosecutor’s office considered that Victoria could not be deported because she committed the administrative offense a few days ago and recommended that the woman’s migration status be assessed Above all, to protect his physical integrity and his daughters.

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The incidents that took place on Saturday, March 27, were very relevant to the investigation, the prosecutor’s office confirmed, which obtained a witness who provided Victoria with personal and family notes, including information about her emotional partner.

After gathering information about his possible location, the FGE along with Quintana Roo police conducted an deployment in an area of ​​Toulom that resulted in Hector’s location matching the characteristics described by the witness.

During the intervention, Hector confirmed that he had been Victoria’s romantic partner for two years, however, the person became aggressive during the investigation and was immediately taken before the Ministry of Public Works, the report said.

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