Hector Soberon sells solar panels to tackle the economic crisis

Hector Soberon sells solar panels to tackle the economic crisis

Hector Soberon He declared that the pandemic was not a good ally of his money, because to get ahead with the expenses, he started a company Sell ​​solar panels.

In an interview with De Primera Mano, 56-year-old actor He confirmed that he had advanced in the face of the crisis and did not keep his arms crossed because he was He must support his family.

The translator pointed to that in addition He devoted himself to studying new things, Related to his career as an electrical engineer.

“I did not keep my arms crossed, from side to side, Search for a jobI’m studying things from my career as an electronics engineer. I sell solar panels here, I got to study for a certificate for installation. We reinvent ourselves in a lot of things“, He said.

Hector Soberon He stated that although some celebs are sad to go out in search of new income, he ignores the pride: “The thing is, a lot of people don’t like to put their ego aside and accept it. In these difficult times you have to do things and All it takes to move forward. ”

“I have a family and a They taught me to be the breadwinner of the house, Even if I had to sell tamales, I would do it, but I wouldn’t let myself fall, on the contrary. ‘, The actor detailed it.

the actor He ruled out selling his possessions going forwardBecause he said he has not had any belongings in Mexico since he went to live in the United States.

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“I live from day to day, like everyone else. I think The most important thing is to be healthy And be healthy, you have everything else. You are not restricted by anything. I’ve always tried to be a lead in my own movie, don’t let me dropr “, Hector Soberon concluded.

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