Help Super Moonworm free a stuck ship

Help Super Moonworm free a stuck ship

(CNN) — Perhaps a little Heavenly Luck helped the engineers with this The giant container ship successfully floated Which closed the Suez Canal for about a week.

The so-called giant worms moon Sunday Caused a high spring tide (or spring tide): 46 cm above normal on Monday, according to NASA. The tide made it easier to straighten and open the large vessel, the agency added.

Spring tides are a historical term when tides “rise” during new and full moons, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Office (NOAA).

Although there are 12 to 13 full moons a year, between six and eight is associated with a high enough tide to achieve what was accomplished on Monday, because the moon is closer to Earth during that full moon, as explained by meteorologist at CNN Goodson. Jones.

Jones said: “It is not uncommon for these tides to rise by 300 meters from other tides during the year, when the moon is far from the earth.” He added: “There is no doubt that these high waves were part of a strategy to unblock such a huge ship.”

Those six to eight full moons are called giant moons because they appear larger and brighter in the sky. The giant moon of March was the first of the year and it was expected to be the fourth brightest moon in 2021.

Native tribes in the southern United States call the full moon of March a worm moon because earthworms, the soil that the worms digest, become visible when the soil thaws at this time of year. Anus.

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Traffic resumed in both directions of the Suez Canal on Monday night, after locomotives spent several hours working to free the bow of the container ship Evergreen.

The effects of the blockade on the Suez Canal have only just begun 2:47

Successfully resurfacing the ship was met with victory and relief. Meanwhile, hundreds of ships trapped on the shipping route since March 23 are preparing to resume their voyages.

The challenge now is dealing with ship delays and congestion, which can take more than three days to resolve, while working day and night.

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