Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has begun a hunger strike in prison

Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has begun a hunger strike in prison

Anti-Russian Alexei Navalny, Imprisoned in a penal colony, on Wednesday he announced a start The hunger strike, To report Lack of medical facilities And what is being “Tortured by insomnia.”

“I declare a fast to hear the application of the law and to have a doctor come to see me”, Navalny wrote on his Instagram account that he was suffering from pain in his back and legs.

News spread by Navalny on Instagram
News spread by Navalny on Instagram

The protester, who has been serving two-and-a-half years in prison, had already been convicted Last week prison officials ignored his request to be examined by an independent doctor due to “severe pain in his back”., Which spreads to his right leg and prevents him from walking.

“I have the right to call a doctor and get medicine. They don’t give me one or the other. The back pain has moved to the leg. Parts of the right leg and now the left have lost consciousness. Put the jokes aside, but it’s already annoying, ”he reiterated this Wednesday.

His wife, Julia Navalnaya, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the gathering on social media Release the politician “immediately”, Despite being recommended to go to the Kremlin prison services.

Members of the prisoners ’social support visited Navalny last weekend and concluded it Opponent “walks without help”, However, they established that “his leg hurts” and confirmed that he asked them to help him get injections “to reduce the pain”.

On Monday, Navalny has also posted on social media that he has already received ten condemnations He was sent to the Vladimir region a month ago, first to a detention center and then to a prison.

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Such denunciations can lead to Sealing the opponent in the penalty cell.

Pokrov Penalty Colony No. 2. (Demeter Tilkoff / AFP)
Pokrov Penalty Colony No. 2. (Demeter Tilkoff / AFP)

Navalny, 44, was called “Torture camp” in Pokrov prison No. 2 He entered on March 11 to carry out his sentence, which the opposition and the West consider to be fabricated.

Opponent Putin has accused the Federal Security Service of plotting to assassinate him (FSB, old KGB).

Ask a half physicists for half

Navalny’s fast comes a day later Kremlin and Prison Services Half a thousand doctors will sign a petition calling for immediate medical assistance to the Russian opposition leader.

The doctors thought the authorities should “Create conditions to normalize Navalny’s health” And It was believed that this may be due to the opponent’s poor health “Both for problems that come from poisoning (With chemical agent Novichok) Occurred last August a New diseases in the structure of the unfinished rehabilitation process ”.

“Leaving the patient, in that case, without assistance, even surgery, has a chance to lead to the development of acute sequelae,” he said. This includes irreversible loss of partial or total function of the lower extremities ”, They warned.

The petition highlights “A person suffering from severe pain and is behind bars without appropriate anesthetic measures It not only violates their rights, but also directly tortures them. ”

Doctors, who consider Navalny not to be in jail, demanded “Humanitarian Objectives” They also suggested that a doctor they trust could examine the adversary, and that there were German experts from the Charidne clinic in Berlin who had treated the politician in August.

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