Her daughter, Silvia Pasquale, revealed the latest health condition of Silvia Penal

Her daughter, Silvia Pasquale, revealed the latest health condition of Silvia Penal

In good spirits, stable and complication-free, appears Sylvia Pinal, who was admitted last Wednesday to CDMX South Hospital for prevention of complications from Covid-19.

This was mentioned by her eldest daughter, Sylvia Pasquale, who also explained that her time in the hospital was useful for general studies and to rule out the presence of other clinical images.

“He is fine and stable. Confidence that everything is improving. His heart rate is very good. They treat him in two matters, the bronchial tubes for coughing and the nebulizers relieve the gurgling we bring in the throat and they expel phlegm, which is the cause of the cough.” Mexican cinema.

He was first diagnosed with hypotension and arrhythmia, and after polymerase chain reaction tests, he was found to have coronavirus. She has had a urinary tract infection and the family hopes that when she is released from the Covid area, she can be admitted to intensive care for her preventative treatment.

It actually treats a urinary tract infection. It is the team of doctors in the field of epidemiology that decides when to move it from one area to another. “She is very well, we will continue to stick to her vision,” said Paskill, who on behalf of the Benal family thanked her mother for her affection.

Who was the wife of Rafael Bankels, Gustavo Alatriste and Enrique Guzman, born 90 years ago in Guaymas, Sonora, and has emerged as one of the greatest stars of the golden age of Mexican cinema as well as a prolific television actress and producer.
his sons Silvia, Enrique and Alejandra; Her granddaughter Stephanie and great-granddaughter Michelle were keeping an eye on her on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve as she was holidaying in the hospital.

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The family is connected via video call, because due to protocols, they cannot be located in the area where the coronavirus is being treated.

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