“Here we play more as a team”

“Here we play more as a team”

Luka Doncic Basketball is clearly experiencing a moment of very good health globally. The level of play around the world is perhaps the most competitive and advanced in history, and wings like Germany in World Cup 2023 This tendency to equate the panoramas of the FIBA ​​and the NBA cannot be overemphasized. He was asked about this during his stay in Madrid with Dallas MavericksThe Slovenian star was proud to be part of this explosion in international basketball, especially in recent years in the United States.

“The game is growing globally. We have the three best players in the NBA, guys like Wembanyama who are rising strong. International basketball is growing, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it allsaid the Mavs point guard and American League leader.

In response to a question about the differences between the game on the European continent and the NBA, Doncic did not bite his tongue and confirmed what can be observed by comparing the matches played on both sides of the Atlantic. “It’s different basketball. The court is wider, the 3-pointers are further away. In Europe we play more as a team, There are fewer minutes, and the plays are very important. In the NBA there aren’t a lot of plays“Here the basketball team is more important,” he said.

After passing by his old house to play the friendly match against him real madrid And the preseason tour that took him in as well The United Arab Emirates First up, the Slovenian faces his sixth NBA regular season with the Mavericks with some pressing requirements to get started. He had grown up accustomed to winning titles, but it had been a long time since he had tasted the joy of victory and the wear and tear had begun to pile up.

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