Thalia has created strong controversy for using filters and they say her navel can’t be seen

Thalia has created strong controversy for using filters and they say her navel can’t be seen

Entrepreneur Talia is very active in the social network of Camera, where she has more than 21 million followers, so she looks for a way to be close to everyone who notices the content she uploads to the application.

The 52-year-old famous singer has not escaped the power of being on social networks, because on more than one occasion It has been heavily criticized for how it looks, and this time is no exception. Because last Monday she uploaded pictures to the gallery and showed off her body.

The actress posed with a towel in her hair, sunglasses and a two-piece bikini. Her stomach stole all the attention because of how thin she was. Well, on many occasions she has shown that she loves taking care of her body with workouts.

“Very good! Zoom in on Bikini Monday and plan new steps for my #ThaliaSodi collection. Little things are coming” was the message that came with the postcards.

The post has surpassed 1,000 comments from numerous people who took a few seconds to comment on the businesswoman’s body. This is not the first time he has been criticized for his misuse of filters. In the first film, she was very smitten.

In turn, many Fans asked him about his navel Because some people believe that they cannot see him.

Thalia has no belly button. I don’t see”, “I was thinking the same thing. And the navel?” “The filters removed it. Neither she nor whoever posted these photos realized those details,” “I know people who, after cosmetic surgery, don’t let go of their skin until they get to know it, then recreate it. But it can also be a filter. “Even one of his teeth looks inward, I think they photoshopped him a lot,” “My God, so many filters his belly button is missing,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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