High-class events and jewelry details that impress

High-class events and jewelry details that impress

A detail that has always stood out in high-profile events, when celebrities cross that red carpet to enter the main event, is not only the dresses or hairstyles or makeup, they are those details that despite being small they manage to stand out. We are talking about jewelry, a detail that should not be missing in any event.

These goldsmith houses take the opportunity to show their new unique and original designs, and select an artist, model or businessman to be the one to carry them. With this they complete that set chosen by the clothing designer for the artist and thus stand out among all. Many of these jewels use stones in small sizes, but that manage to give a special shine, such as gold or diamond earrings, sapphire necklaces, rings with diamonds or ruby, among others. Always with the idea of adding sophistication to the person who wears them.

Festivals and Awards Events that highlight their red carpet

Something that always stands out and attracts all spectators and the professional press in these events, is the first impression that the artist or model will give when arriving at the event. Many expect the clothing design they decided to wear and which brand they decided to wear, but something that always completes that design are those precious stones that illuminate and attract the eyes when detailing the artists or models.

We will be able to talk about the events that were celebrated this year, despite the pandemic that torments today’s society, many events have returned to give us a distraction from this issue, as always dresses and jewelry are what make people speak in the pre -show, some of them being:

Cannes Film Festival

This year the most outstanding Festival of the seventh art has managed to return and give us something to talk about, regarding the designs of dresses, suits and sets that the artists decided to wear. But something that stood out at this year’s event was the jewelry that they decided to accompany with these designs, especially the jewelry firm ‘Chopard’, with a collection in honor of this festival, the Paradise collection.

Golden Globes

This year the Golden Globes were not left behind and spoke with all the jewels that the artists decided to wear, highlighting the diamond and the emerald, which can be seen in a variety of artists such as Anya Taylor Joy, Elle Fanning and Kate Hudson. The firms Tiffany & Co, Bvlgari, Cartier are some of the brands that gave the pleasure to artists to wear their designs.

Met Gala

This year’s met gala, showed us an idea of American fashion, and nothing more outstanding than some jewels to give the touch, this year’s co-host, Billie Eilish, was one of the dazzling this year, with an inspired design in the very Marilyn Monroe, with delicate details of Cartier diamonds. But the other artists were not left behind and showed us the great variety of jewels that can stand out, from rubies and sapphires worn by Julia Garner to Rihanna with more than 245 carats of diamonds by the Bvlgari firm, counting a variety of shades of diamonds worn by the model, Iman, designed by the house of Freid Leighton specifically for her Harris Reed dress.

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A touch that will always be perfect and will give sophistication to everyone who wears it, it will be the jewels, which shine and delicacy will always be something to talk about, especially at such high level events.

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