Manchester City, favorite to win the Champions League; Barcelona are more likely than PSG

Manchester City, favorite to win the Champions League;  Barcelona are more likely than PSG

Learn about the candidates’ preferences for the highest club title in the world

Manchester City is the leading candidate to win Champions League 2021/22, Sekan L Soccer Power Index De Five Thirty-Eight.

Package led Pep Cardiola has a 16% chance of lifting his first ‘Oregona’ After losing the Grand Final against Chelsea last season and coming very close. Manchester team, step Soccer Power Index, He has a 26% chance of returning to the final in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Bayern Munich and Chelsea are 11% and 10% below the city, respectively. ‘Blues’ are current champions of Europe, while ‘Giants’ Bundesliga They won the 2019/20 edition.

Interestingly, Barcelona, ​​lost Lionel Messi Due to “economic and structural restrictions (Spanish La Liga rules)”, they have a better chance of winning the Champions League than PSG, who signed in Argentina.

According to him Soccer Power Index, There is an 8% chance of winning ‘Oregona’., When The Paris team rarely records a 4% probability. It must be remembered Messi Revealed in his presentation with PSG His desire to succeed Champions League.

On the other hand, Clubs such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Dortmund, Atletico de Madrid and Juventus have less than a 10% chance of winning Europe’s biggest title at club level.

Next we will show you the possibilities of all the teams to classify The eighth finals of the Champions League, according to the Fifty Thirty Eight Soccer Power Index:

Group A

Manchester City – 82%

RB Leipzig – 57%

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PSG – 54%

Club Bruce – 7%

Group B

Atletico de Madrid – 77%

Liverpool – 61%

AC Milan – 32%

FC Porto – 31%

Group c

Ajax – 76%

Borussia Dortmund -72%

Sports Lisbon – 42%

Besiktas – 10%

Group d

Real Madrid – 90%

Inter Milan – 84%

Shakhtar Donetsk – 25%

FC Sheriff – 2%

Group E

Bavaria Munich – 82%

Barcelona – 77%

Benfica – 37%

Dynamo Kiev – 4%

Group f

Manchester United – 79%

Atlanta – 59%

Villerial – 47%

Young Men – 15%

Group G

Sevilla – 66%

Salzburg – 56%

Wolfsburg – 51%

Small – 26%

Group H

Chelsea – 92%

Juventus – 71%

Zenith – 32%

Malmo – 5%

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