High Court files LUMA Energy case against UTIER

High Court files LUMA Energy case against UTIER

Chief Justice Alfonso Martinez Piovanetti filed a lawsuit against Luma Energy against the Electricity and Irrigation Workers’ Union (UTER), alleging that the union prevented employees from accessing the power system facilities.

Martinez Piovanetti said LUMA had not presented evidence that its employees could not enter the facilities due to the UTIER protests.

“The plaintiff did not present the testimony or documentary evidence of the Luma staff who allegedly tried to access the DT system locations, and was unable to do so due to the demonstrations; it was intended to obstruct or obstruct the work of the staff who had identified and identified the defendant who had taken part in the illegal activities. There were no public statements or statements from police officers, nor were these statements. Proved not to handle or handle criminal situations. “

On the other hand, the judge noted that the facts that provoked the case have changed.

“In this case, there is no dispute that on the date of the hearing, the facts that led to the filing of the claim have already changed and come to a complete standstill. This has been acknowledged and admitted by the plaintiff’s own witnesses since the indictment. The facts and the disclosure of the dispute occurred between May 31 and June 4, 2021 itself. Admittedly, no demonstrations or related activities are currently being carried out by co – defendants or third parties blocking access to the Luma, preventing them from performing its functions or the functions and maintenance of the TD system. “

The judge warned that this decision did not mean a green light for access to the facility.

“Now, we advise you to clarify that this resolution does not imply that the public interest – any matter that the Court must consider in any request for a restraining order – is the right of any person to have access to the facilities of illegal transmission and distribution. The continuity of the activities of this essential service may be jeopardized by the plaintiff. Managed electric power, “the judge said.

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