His dangerous spin in the pits of Valteri Botas and Styrian GP

His dangerous spin in the pits of Valteri Botas and Styrian GP

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Practice in two Styrian Grand Prix He stole the cameras due to a mistake in the pits Voltaire Botas, Pilot Mercedes, An action that never occurs during competition Formula 1 It can be a dangerous maneuver.

When the Botas came out of his pit and he made a half-spin, it ended up between the Aston Martin and McLaren pits, the latter helping to keep the car sure.

Why did the Botas Cycle happen?

This was never seen in the Formula 1 bitline, but always for the first time. Patas stepped into her breasts Also on the way out he changed the hard tires and then increased with the cold tires, the dangerous maneuver caused by being located in that place, finally the action was taken Review by FIA.

In an environment where his future at Mercedes has been called into question in recent weeks, social networks have not put the move beyond humor.

McLaren helped, but said

McLaren Manager, Paul James, F1 Race Director aired on radio, Michael Masi, Your irritation at the incident.

“Michael, this is absolutely ridiculous,” James said. “It could have taken our boys from Pitlan and those on the pit wall.” Masi replied, “Okay, thank you.”

This weekend will run for the second of three consecutive Formula 1 weekends. Round Red Bull Ring Gets the GPU of Styria, which caused many misunderstandings in P1 and P2. Next week it will also be running there, but for now Austrian GP

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