Hobby calls not to attend Azteca Stadium for next Cruz Azul match

Hobby calls not to attend Azteca Stadium for next Cruz Azul match

Cement fans prepare to sanction the board and players in the face of the Cruz Azul crisis: they issue an invitation not to attend the Azteca stadium next Saturday.

Cruz Azul fans want to make Azteca Stadium feel empty.
© imago 7Cruz Azul fans want to make Azteca Stadium feel empty.

The Cruz Azul fans are still upset and in pain Because of what happened on Saturday Young ClassicAlready Punishment preparation to routing who is designated as The biggest culprit in the crisis Through it cement equipment In the Opening 2022which in addition to the historic win, has in Risk of taking last place on the Leaderboard.

“There is nothing more empty than an empty stadium” As the writer has already warned Edward GallianoSo cement followers They consider that not attending the Azteca Stadium for the next match, on Saturday against Gallos, is a good way to show their disagreement with the management and the decisions of the new management.

via Twitter account’Blue Nation made the call to Sky Blue fans will not attend Saturday’s match at Azteca Stadium. ‘It’s not about giving up’ Clarify the cement group, because it is only a order method The results are for those who make the decisions at the club.

Let’s not go to the playground. Even if you have compost, Only for this Saturday That there is no soul in the Aztec stands. It’s not about leaving the team, it’s about He turned his back to guide who destroyed the ninth hero“, He fired the said account aggressively, a call that got a very good response from cement workers.

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