Hololive Gamers Pop-up parade figures include Korean and Fubuki

Hololive Gamers Pop-up parade figures include Korean and Fubuki

Huge loads of Vtuber figures showed up among Good Smile Company’s WonHobby 33 declarations. Good smile company is a most remarkable was an entire line of declarations for hololive Gamers Pop Up Parade figures of Fubuki, Korone, Mio, and Okayu. There will likewise be a Fubuki Nendoroid.

The four Vtubers are each of them a piece of a similar gathering. This implies they at times stream games together. Fubuki Shirakami, who has fox characteristics, showed up first in October 2018. The second to make a big appearance was Mio Ookami, who resembles a wolf. At last, there’s the canine-like Korone Inugami and feline-like Okayu Nekomata.

As an update, a Spiritale Korone figure is likewise underway. It was declared at WonFes 2021 Winter.

WonFes 2021 Winter

New VTuber stock is in transit. There will be a figure of Hololive’s Korone. Spiritale uncovered it as a feature of its Wonder Festival 2021 [Winter] declarations. (The occasion went advanced for the current year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Given how early it is being developed, there’s no Korone model yet. The figure declaration incorporated a picture of her that looks prepared to take watchers’ fingers. It is affirmed to be a 1/seventh model. Notwithstanding, individuals should stand by to get familiar with it and maybe see unpainted and painted models.

Organizations referred to Korone in a significant number of computer games overall of late. Destruction Eternal added an Easter egg that is a whoop to her and her DOOM streams. She is likewise one of the VTubers who appears in Neptunia Virtual Stars. That will head the PS4 and PC outside Japan in March 2021.

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Concerning other Spiritale WonFes 2021 [Winter] declarations, there will be an Atelier Ryza 2 figure of her in a bathing suit, we’ll see Re: Zero’s Emilia and Rem, Millim from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and Kurumi from the Date A Live side project Date A Bullet will be deified as well.

The Korone figure is being developed. You can watch her streams on her Korone Ch. YouTube channel.

The Wonder Festival chief council declared that it would hold Web Wonder Festival 2021 [Winter] on February 7, 2021. It will supplant the actual occasion, which was initially going to be hung around the same time, yet was eventually dropped because of the COVID-19-related highly sensitive situation announced in Japan.

Web Wonder Festival 2021 [Winter] will be hung on a solitary day from 10:00 to 17:00 JST. Instead of an actual scene, the computerized occasion will occur on “a committed Web Wonder Festival webpage, alongside everybody’s sites and their web-based media accounts.”

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