Honduran nurse Kovid, who was vaccinated with AstraZeneca, dies

Honduran nurse Kovid, who was vaccinated with AstraZeneca, dies

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

A Honduran nurse died in the last hour as a result of Govt-19 San Pedro Sula.

As identified Lina RodriguezThe nurse has worked for 35 years in the region of the Honduran Social Security Agency (IHSS) in Danley, El Paraso. Honduras.

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Regional IHSS In San Puntarenas Sula, where he died, he was recently admitted to hospital.

Received the first dose of the virus vaccine Astrogeneca However, on March 15, he was still waiting to receive a second application, so the vaccine did not produce an immunosuppressive effect on his body.

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He served as coordinator of the Department of Links IHSS Among Danley and those close to her, she is remembered as a dedicated, helpful and appreciative professional.

He was buried in a ceremony with biosecurity measures at the Jordinas del Recurdo Cemetery in Cortez, Soloma. IHSS ‘S colleagues and colleagues traveled from Donley to attend the farewell.
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Abraham Sosa, IHSS Regional Deputy Manager in El Paraso, said: “We have lost one Desorito. Donna Lina is very fond of her. Leave a tradition as the coordinator of the membership department. ”


Doctor Oscar Sanchez, Representative Honduras Medical College In the Northwest region, he considered: “It does not protect it (first dose). It is only 10 days after the first dose is applied. In 15 days the antibody begins to rise, which produces a level of immunity, but it is not total, but gradually increases”.

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He added, in reports for the news broadcast Today, The second application of the dose should be immediate. “The next dose should be used for a month, however, in Honduras, it is left to the eighth week, but the best is the fourth.”

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