Hooters: Waitresses criticize the new outfit and compare it to lingerie because of its size

Hooters is facing fierce criticism from many of its female employees after introducing new shorts to the uniform, which some female employees have compared to “underwear.”

The “Hooters Girls” restaurant chain known for its skin-tight uniforms, unveiled a new, shorter version of its formal shorts this month.

Since the launch of the new shorts, many Hooters employees have taken to social media to share their disappointment and concerns about the recent uniform and some have threatened to quit.

in a tik tokShared by a user with the name @sick.abt.it and viewed more than nine million times, an employee pulled up the new shorts before comparing them to the old ones, writing: “I love I work, but I don’t like wearing underwear to work.”

in other Video Viral shared on the social media platform, a Hooters employee, using the username @ggnguyen, showed off the new design while asking, “What’s supposed to go in here?”

Others deplore double standards in the restaurant, with an employee using the username @carrlee.j, which is also used Offers The difference in size between the new uniform pants and the older version, before stating that when the company hires new employees, “they’re asked to make sure our butt is covered, but do they give us that?”

The numerous videos prompted TikTok viewers to agree to the concerns in the comments, with many stating that shorts cannot be considered “short”.

One commented: “Shorts are a strong word,” while another said, “These are not shorts, those are [son] Swimming trunks.

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Users also suggested female employees be able to decline the change, with another person writing: “When you were hired, you agreed to a certain type of uniform. This is a drastic and possibly unhealthy change, you should be able to refuse.”

According to a post in job-applications.com The “popular Hooters costume” includes a white sleeveless top, orange shorts, pantyhose, sneakers, white stockings and makeup, while the company also notes that piercings are not allowed, except for earrings, and tattoos must be covered.

“Some sites require small variations in these rules, such as allowing servers to wear a black shirt one day during the week,” the list adds.

in a Video In the follow-up shared by @sick.abt.it, it was revealed the complaints could have had an effect, as she claimed that after her viral clip about the shorts she was contacted by the CEO of Hooters, who claimed employees could continue to Wear your old costume.

Concerns about the restaurant’s new uniform come after Hooters recently faced a backlash over the wages it pays employees, which are said to be less than $5 an hour at some locations.

In a video uploaded to TikTok last month by a Hooters waitress known as Rose, she asked for an $8 an hour wage, with a mandatory portion of tips, considering the employer made $500 million last year.

The Independent Hooters has been contacted for comment.

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