Yanet García takes pride in her fascination with New York in the background

Yanet García takes pride in her fascination with New York in the background

the beautiful Former weather girl Yanette Garcia He managed to rave millions of his followers with just one photo shared last night, and he also managed to turn their temperature up.

Through a photo on Instagram, Yanet García showed her personality on stage that no doubt anyone would want to experience in their own body.

As you can see, Yanet Garcia continues to go through one of the best moments of her career and reflected it through an Instagram post, in which she showed a photo of herself on a rock revealing a beautiful landscape.

It should be noted that the Mexican magazine gave an interview to Yanet Garcia P3nthouse Mexico, on whose pages it publishes content related to beauty, technology and lifestyle, among other topics.

Also, being one of the characters of the moment, he earned the cover place in the first edition of the magazine, which was launched in the early days of October.

In the photo we mentioned earlier, we can appreciate the girl who enjoys a physique while flaunting her after-glow charm in a rather skinny tracksuit.

click Here To see a picture of Yanet Jarkoa.

This is just the beginning,” the model wrote in the post.

There is no doubt that talented Mexican influencer Yanet Garcia is trending in all the news portals of the entertainment world across Latin America by sharing her gorgeous beauty whenever she is allowed to.

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Two years ago, she stopped being a “weather girl,” and the 30-year-old Monterey-born dedicated herself through her social networks to providing health advice and workout routines to over 14 million fans.

There he shares training videos as well as promotes various nutritional products for body care.

In addition to participating as a presenter on the small screen, the Mexican beauty was part of two films of world cinema.

The first was in 2017, having a minor role in the American feature film named “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming”. It belongs to the science fiction genre.

Later and two years later came his first leading role in a Spanish production called “Bellezonismo”.

The fact is that the popularity of Yanet García on her official accounts is so amazing that every time she publishes a post, her followers instantly interact with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising her wonderful personality.

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