Horacio Valencia linked to criminal proceedings

Horacio Valencia linked to criminal proceedings

Yet at the end of last year singer-songwriter Horace Palencia He was sued by a man named Jose Luis Calderon Who claimed to be the author of the topic? “Reason to be”; A court ruling has now been reached linking the translator to criminal proceedings.

It was during the evening show “first hand”that a statement was read stating that Horacio Palencia was associated with federal criminal proceedings and would not be able to leave the country for the duration of the operation.

“After more than Five years of researchby FGR, on Monday 7 March 2022, the famous composer was officially linked to the federal process, by CDMX Judge”, It was read at the beginning of the document displayed in cameras TV Pictures.

Here is the video:

In addition, the name of the author of the topic is identified, the reason and copyright granted to an unknown author, “In this respect, the authorship of the work is acknowledged in favor of Guanajuatense. Jose Luis Calderon Aguila; While FGR”.

It also detailed that investigations would continue against the composer’s brother and father, Eduardo Palencia Cisneros, and José Ramiro, respectively; The same people who run an important part of the Horacio business.

It is worth noting that officials from the American record company attended the same session Universal Music Publishing, who were similarly related. For their part, the lawyers of the author of the aforementioned topic spoke about the matter and stated that although the investigation file had already been able to establish the true author of the work, “Mr. Palencia, it has already been judged, to this day we speak of the fact that they owe the true author several millions of pesosThey said.

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Let’s remember that at the end of 2021, one of the most famous panda music composers was sued, claiming that stolen One of the most successful songs in recent years is Mi Razón de Ser, the song that made the band famous “MS Squad”; And that the singer-songwriter asserts that the song was his authorship, however, apparently, after investigations, the author belongs to Jose Luis Calderon Aguila.

Horace Palencia.

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