Roman Abramovich admitted, what will happen to Chelsea?

Roman Abramovich admitted, what will happen to Chelsea?

(CNN) – UK joins Russian oligarchy and owner of Chelsea FC, Roman AbramovichList of people allowed as part of his efforts to “isolate” Russian President Vladimir Putin into questioning the London Club’s sales.

In a statement on Thursday, the UK government said it would add seven more oligarchs and politicians, including Abramovich. In your allowed list.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been cleared by the UK government as part of an effort to “isolate” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Abramovich announced this month that he plans to sell Chelsea “for the benefit of the club, fans, staff and club sponsors and partners.” This came after he claimed to have handed over the “management” of the club to the trustees of the club’s trust.

But the new restrictions will freeze their assets and prohibit “transactions with UK individuals and companies,” the UK Foreign Office said in a statement on Thursday. The millionaire will also face a travel ban that prevents him from entering the UK.

What will happen to Chelsea?

According to the UK government, Chelsea will be given a special license to “pay for its commitments and carry on the football business”, including payments to club players and staff. But you will not allow certain activities like buying and selling new players and selling more game tickets than already sold. Current season ticket holders and fans who purchased tickets before Thursday will be able to attend the games.

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The report says fans can buy food and drinks at the tournament. Under the restrictions, external retailers who purchased or manufactured club goods prior to Thursday will be allowed to sell their existing shares. It did not pay Chelsea.

British MP Chris Bryant, looking at a leaked UK government document in 2019, called on Abramovich to lose Chelsea’s rights, saying Abramovich was “involved in corrupt practices and practices with the Russian government and his public federation”. The deputy said in a Twitter post.

According to the UK government, Abramovich’s assets are valued at 9. 9.4 billion ($ 12.36 billion).

The United Kingdom is “absolutely committed” to allowing Russian oligarchy, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said this month. He added that the UK was working to allow an “extra list” of oligarchy.

“Putin’s servants have no place to hide,” Truss continued.

CNN’s George Ramsay contributed to the report.

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