House of Ashes reveals how much space it will occupy on PS4 – LaPS4

House of Ashes reveals how much space it will occupy on PS4 – LaPS4

The title Supermassive will be shown on October 22nd.

Less and Less is Missing at the Horror Anthology Part III premiere dark picturestitled ash house, a game that will take us to the dark ruins of a Sumerian temple amid the conflict between Iraq and the United States in the 2000s.

Just days after he arrived, he registered an account Twitter PlayStationSize It has already revealed that the game It will occupy about 30,015 GB on your PlayStation 4, this without taking into account the subsequent release of the patch on the first day.

As for the rest of the platforms, The title is likely to occupy a similar space, with the possibility of reducing the file size on the PlayStation 5 due to the compression techniques supported by the console.

Title It can be pre-downloaded from October 20 from the PlayStation Store, so you’ll be more than ready to enjoy it from the first minute it’s available.

Dark Images: Ash House This will come October 22 a PS5And PS4And Xbox Series X | sAnd Xbox One And Computer.

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