Houston sinks Chicago and takes care of the SCLA

Houston sinks Chicago and takes care of the SCLA

HOUSTON – Carlos Correa and Astros are constantly watching over the bat and defense. That’s why it’s so hard to beat them in the playoffs.

Puerto Rican doubled their lead to two runs during a five-touch attack in the seventh inning as Houston beat the Chicago White Sox 9-4 on Friday night to extend their AL Division Series 2-0.

“They’ve been here before. They’ve experienced this,” said Houston manager Dusty Baker. “Believing in yourself is the most important part of this game. It can go a long way for you. And these people, collectively, believe in themselves.”

Kyle Tucker hit a home run to make it three as the Astros were on a winning streak playing for the fifth time in a row in the AL Championship Series.

Alex Breckman had two wins and two runs, while Jose Aldue made two excellent plays.

“I think that experience is an important part of this,” Korea said. “These people in the clubhouse do not shrink under any circumstances.”

The third game of the series is set to take place on Sunday in Chicago.

The Astros finally took the lead in the seventh inning.

Craig Kimbrell quickly climbed the mound and Cuba’s Yuli Curiel, retired from Cuba, sent the ball to the right field at Korea’s impetus, not far from Lourie Garcia.

Versatile Garcia Adam moved from the second floor to the right field instead of Angle.

“They’re really good, but I think we played a good game,” manager Tony La Rusa said. “They were fine, rarely.”

Tucker smashed a big inning with two inning homers, which was thrown between the seats on the left field, giving Houston a 9-4 lead.

Thanks to a good start from Lance McCullers Jr., the Astros won the first game 6-1, while Framber Waltz allowed four runs and seven wins in 4 1/3 innings.

The White Sox took a 4-2 lead with three runs in the fifth inning. Cubans Louis Robert and Jose Abrew each contributed RBI singles, and fellow national Yasmani Grantel added a sacrificial flight.

But the Astros courier tied the single down for two runs. This is the first win of the series for the American League Batting Champion.

Central Division champion Chicago fell 0-6 in Houston this season. After appearing with Auckland in the first round last year, he is trying to avoid another early elimination.

As for the White Sox, Cubans Robert scored two runs 4-3 and an RBI. Dominicans Eloy Jimenez scored a run at 4-1 with RBI, Garcia 4-1. Venezuela Caesar Hernandez 1-0.

As for the Astros, Venezuela Altue scored two runs, 4-1. The Cuban Alvarez with a score of one and an RBI were produced 2-1, with a score of one and two. Puerto Ricans Korea 3-1 and two runs and two RBI, Martin Maldonado 4-0.

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