Immigration USA: Biden sends team to Mexico to define a strategy for the first migration crisis of his decree

Immigration USA: Biden sends team to Mexico to define a strategy for the first migration crisis of his decree

Joe Biden tries to address management His first immigration crisis Andres Manuel Lopez joins the government of Obrador in facing the massive impact of Central American immigration. US President sends team to Mexico to define common strategy and regional cooperation plan Thousands of Guatemalas, Hondurans and Salvadorans They are stranded on the southern and northern borders of the country. The delegation, led by former ambassador Roberta Jacobson, will meet with Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrader in Mexico City this Monday and hold a working day with the Foreign Ministry. Part of the journey will move after Guatemala.

The purpose of the visit comes shortly after Biden announced his intention to cross the border, as the White House announced, “to co-operate with Mexican government officials to implement an effective and humanitarian action plan in the administration of migration.” . Jacobson, a senior ambassador Between 2016 and 2018 he was Washington’s top envoy to Mexico, and resigned due to a disagreement with Donald Trump. To the northern triangle. The U.S. delegation would like to ask representatives of civil society and voluntary organizations to “address the root causes of immigration in the region and create a more promising future.”

This translates to the commitment of the new US administration to allocate $ 4,000 million to Central America. The amount announced in January is the starting point for the Titanic mission, for example, the reconstruction of a country devastated by hurricanes Iota and Etta, such as Honduras, which is another spike of the last migrant caravan.

At the moment, bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States revolve around the issue of migration and the distribution of vaccines against Govt-19. The arrival of Biden at the White House and the promise of a turning point in his policies encouraged new waves of immigrants in late January. Honduran’s first caravan was first repressed by Guatemalan security forces, then on the Mexican border. Even if Trump is no longer in power, those who have managed to cross the Rio Grande and reach out face the expulsion of the South. Unlike his predecessor, Biden has softened some of the formulas for entry, for example on humanitarian grounds, but the president and his administration have not stopped sending messages – and prevented signals such as emissions.

The increase in flow has been staggering in recent months. In February, more than 100,000 immigrants were detained or detained. These numbers are reminiscent of the crisis in mid-2019, when Lopez Obrador bowed to Trump’s demands to stop the arrival of Central Americans in the United States. Face Washington’s tariff threats. On March 19, the Mexican government launched “new measures to protect the rights and integrity of migrant minors from various Central American countries along the southern border, using criminal networks as a transport pass to reach the north of the country.” The Interior Ministry has also announced restrictions on access to “land crossings for spectators with non-essential activities” due to the health emergency of Govt-19. So far this year, Mexican authorities have identified nearly 4,200 minors who have been “illegally trafficked into Mexican territory and preyed upon by human traffickers who profit from illegal immigration.”

With these campuses, the governments of Mexico and the United States promise to strengthen cooperation on migration issues. Lopez Obrador and Biden They will tackle that challenge in a private meeting. “Tomorrow [martes]We will receive a high-level delegation from the United States at the State Department. They will come with us Roberta Jacobson, Presidential Special Envoy for the Border, Presidential Special Envoy to the Northern Triangle of Central America Ricardo Zika and Director of the National Security Council Western Hemisphere Juan Gonzalez. Representatives of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLIC) will also attend, ”said Roberto Velasco Alvarez, head of foreign relations for North America, through social media. The director of the department said that “the main issue to be discussed is development cooperation in Central America and southern Mexico in addition to joint efforts for safe, orderly and regular relocation.”

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