How many nuclear weapons does Russia have? | international | News

How many nuclear weapons does Russia have?  |  international |  News

Russian President Vladimir Putin Today I ordered the nuclear deterrent forces to be put on alertAn arsenal that together contains about half of the atomic weapons in the world today.

Russia She currently has 1,625 nuclear warheads have been deployedto which others must be added 2870 Store and others 1,760 strategiesup to a total 6255 nuclear warheadaccording to the latest updated data collected by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Although four decades Russia has begun reducing its stockpile of nuclear weapons After agreements made with the United States since the Soviet era, it still has the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world.

A computer simulation of the Russian Ministry of Defense shows Operation Avangard.

The latest data from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists indicates that Russia has Deployed 1,588 nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles and heavy bomber bases, with another 977 strategic warheads and 1,912 non-strategic warheads in reserve.

Part of Russia’s arsenal was located precisely in Ukraine, but after the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the constitution of Ukraine as an independent republic, this country abandoned nuclear weapons and I handed them over to Russia in exchange for their independence and safety regional.

March 1, 2018 Putin Introduced the Sarmat ballistic missile with “almost unlimited range” Which, in his words, rendered the US missile shield “useless”.

Video capture showing Russia’s new Sarmat ICBM, at an undisclosed location in Russia.

A few months later, it introduced another hypersonic Avangard missile Capable of defeating the US missile shield And missile defense systems that will be developed in the future, according to the Russian president. Avangard can reach the densest layers of the atmosphere and exceed the speed of sound 20 times, allowing it to reach the United States in 15 minutes.

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In February 2021 Russia and the United States extended their last valid nuclear disarmament treaty for five years Between the two forces, New Start, which was signed in 2010.

New START, which included a Inventory inspection system, by 30 percent of the number of nuclear warheadsup to 1,550 per country.

In addition, it specified the number of ICBMs at 700, the number of deployed on submarines and strategic bombers equipped with nuclear weapons.

It also reduced the number of ICBMs to 800, Submarine launchers for ballistic missiles and bombers Strategic weapons equipped with nuclear weapons, whether deployed or not. (me)

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