Travelers can take a PCR test upon arrival in Colombia

Travelers can take a PCR test upon arrival in Colombia

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In a new decision, the Ministry of Health stated that whoever arrives in the country can take this test upon arrival in Colombia. If not, then they should be quarantined for a period of 14 days.

The Ministry of Health issued a new Resolution (002) providing a new clarification to travelers arriving in Colombia: In the event that they are unable to take the People’s Republic of China test before boarding the flight, they can do so upon their arrival in the country. . (Read this what you should know about the world of vaccines)

“The person who boarded the plane stated that he had no access to the test, he arrived in the country and took the test while maintaining isolation while the result arrived. The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, said it facilitates the process and allows there to be no problem when arriving in the country.

According to Minsalud, once in Colombia, the passenger must inform the immigration official if the result is negative for a PCR test, which must be done within 96 hours before boarding the plane.

In case you do not have it, you can choose to have it done in Colombia, although you must remain in preventive isolation until you receive the result. The traveler will bear the costs.

If the traveler does not have the guide and decides not to take it on arrival, he must remain in protective isolation for 14 days and will have to report the address of residence where he will do so.

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The decision of the Ministry of Health was made from a painstaking process that began with a judgment of the 11th Oral Administrative Court of Bogotá Circuit. After Totila’s procedure, Judge Giovanni Umberto Legros ordered the government to request this evidence. For its part, the scientific community has repeatedly rejected this decision for lack of scientific support for it.

“We maintain our position that this ruling is impossible to comply with, and we ask the judge for clarification and accordingly, we issue the decision according to which travelers entering Colombia are given the possibility to take the test in Colombia,” said Minister Ruiz.

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