How much did Jordi Rosado win in another lap

How much did Jordi Rosado win in another lap
Jordi’s show “At Night” seeks to talk about a variety of topics: from psychology, crafts to party nights (Photo: Televisa)

When talking about Mexican youth television in the 1990s, the program undoubtedly comes to mind. another roll, which for nearly twelve years was one of the public’s favorites at the time. By order of Adal Ramones, the program combined music performances and interviews with celebritiesAnd the skits And the distinctive monologues of the owner of the broadcast.

It was one of the most popular sections of the program the report With yorde rosadowho took his first steps on TV Notes of curiosity, diversity and even social condemnation. Broadcasting ended in 2007, but it remains a standard in contemporary youth television.

a team another roll It was also made up of a cadre of representatives: Mauricio Castillo, Gabi Platas, Roxana Castellanos and Eduardo SpainWho provided the comedy part of the broadcast. Although the success Displays, The program has ended and so far some production details are unknown.

"another roll" Broadcasting stopped in May 2007
“Otro Rollo” stopped broadcasting in May 2007

Now, years later, It was Yorde Rosado who recalled the time he spent on the program that had become popular in Mexico and Central America, and admitted the amount he had earned to work in in late Time of night From Televisa. there was audio notation jarhosted by Mao Nieto and Roman Torres, where the presenter and radio presenter also revealed the salary he received when he was part of a team Adele Ramones.

“It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t good either, we didn’t all win the same, I earned for it.” another roll 140 thousand pesos per month”

Jordi was clear in emphasizing that he did not always receive this amount, but that in his position he began to receive a lower salary and it increased over time, and he also compared the salary that could have been obtained in those years with the current salary, which shows where you are currently earning more It’s there on social media for successful content creators.

Yordi Rosado and Adal Ramones rose to fame thanks to "another roll"which started as a local project in Puebla (Instagram)
Jordi Rosado and Adal Ramones rose to fame thanks to “Otro Rollo” that started as a local project in Puebla (Instagram)

Announcer Exa FM Confirm that there are currently many The YouTube who receive more income than the top TV hosts from yesterday:

“I think some (YouTubers) earn more than the big drivers at the time did; for example Veronica Castro, Adal himself, Marco Antonio Regel; these salaries are no longer there, as they exist digitally”

That’s why for a few years, Yordi worked as a driver on one of the most popular shows on YouTube About entertainment and characters. Rosado channel has just over 2.4 million subscribers and various personalities from the entertainment world are invited to it, telling them unknown details of his career in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

Personalities like Eduardo Yáñez revealed intimate relationships on Yordi Rosado's online show (Image: Instagram/@yordirosado)
Personalities like Eduardo Yáñez revealed intimate relationships on Yordi Rosado’s online show (Image: Instagram/@yordirosado)

in conversation with Infobae MexicoHe told the driver what formula he was able to persuade celebrities to show the intimate aspects of their lives on his internet show:

“I am a very social person, for example telethonI’ve been to all the Telethons, and it’s 24 hours, and those 24 hours I don’t stay in the locker room 24 hours to wait when it’s my turn, If not, I go into someone’s dressing room, we talk, I go with someone else, and so my whole life has been because I am.

“Those things without my realizing it were weaving a web of trust that I can happily enjoy today, with something honest, truthful and honestwhich is something I had a great opportunity to share things with me because we have a level of confidence that goes beyond the traditional interview,” he said in November 2021.

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