How much does Andy Ruiz weigh in for his fight against Luis Ortiz? He expresses it

How much does Andy Ruiz weigh in for his fight against Luis Ortiz?  He expresses it

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The countdown is on. Andrew Ruiz He will return to the ring next week September 4th to Cuban Luis Ortiz. Given this, The eraser closes its product And a big reveal: He gains weight again and continues with “that chubby energy.”.

Also, during the ‘open door’ exercise, Andy Ruiz admits he’s gained weight again for his struggle against Luis OrtizAssuming that He is at a level where he feels powerfulHe even explained that he weighs the same as he always did That historic victory was achieved vs. for the World Heavyweight Title Anthony Joshua.

How much does Andy Ruiz weigh?

own Destroyer He said for the fight against Luis Ortiz “weighed about 265 or 267 pounds (120 or 121 kg)”The situation for that There is hope that a great struggle can be held Raise your hand before the Cuban and walk out.

She lost weight with Eddie Reynoso

Under the baton of Eddie Reynoso, Andy Ruiz came in at 256 pounds (116 kg). For your struggle Chris ArreolaFight that Won by unanimous decisionAlthough it was clear that he didn’t feel entirely comfortable at that level

However, the Destroyer He said that Front fight OrDis does not follow a strict diet, Although he believes in the work he’s done in the gym: “I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do. It’s true that I’m not on a strict diet, I’m eating well. The weight will come on little by little. The most important thing is to do that hard work in the gym. We’re focused on putting on a big fight.”

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