Jean Alai’s defense confirmed that Rafael Cano Sacco had received 654 million bribes and invitations to submit it

Jean Alai’s defense confirmed that Rafael Cano Sacco had received 654 million bribes and invitations to submit it

Lawyers for the former attorney general Jean Alan Rodriguez summoned the Public Prosecution Submitted to the former Chief of Staff of the Attorney General’s Office, Rafael Cano SacAnd the Who say they received 645 million bribes in the Medusa case.

Doctors Carlos Balcacer, Gustavo Biagi Pomarol and Francisco Vanco confirm that Cano Sacco has a network of friends, relatives, people close to him and his companies, Which he promised to give in return for 20% of contractsTherefore, it is absurd and unacceptable that he made his statements by video, and that he was excluded from the file.

They pointed out that the charge against their client and the other defendants in the jellyfish caseturns out that this I worked as a pyramid schemeas those associated became recruiters of companies and beneficiaries of the allotment granted by Kano Sako.

They expressed it There is no evidence for Alan Rodriguez Who benefited them in some way, other than a crude testimony of who is the owner of these sins.

However, they indicated that Cano Sacco received 192 million from Victor Laura Imbert, 20 million from Alex Yartura, 125 million from Daniel Camarina, 261 million from Anton Casanovas, and 31 million from Alex Rojas Elmodesi.

Similarly, they indicate that Ulysses Ramirez 34 million, Luis Augusto Baquero Ginebra 4 million, Carrasquero Construction 700,000 pesos, Jaime Oscar Gonzalez 4 million and Promo Graphics 14 million.

They highlighted the serious accusations contained in the document, with people saying they were blackmailed, and who Paid fees, bribes and use of enterprise resources for political purposes; All of them refer to Kano Sako clearly and precisely.

“If these serious accusations as officials are true, Kano Sako He can’t resist surrender to evade his responsibilities‘ stated Balcacer.

They stated that out of more than 100 witnesses, whether real or not, they referred to Kano Sako as the bribe and kickbacker, receiving more than 590 million in bribes.


Similarly, Jean-Alain’s defense denounced the anger at the beginning of the process suffered by the team and especially Alan Rodriguez, They demand equal treatment As has been the case in other cases where attorney Miriam German Brito has demanded compliance with the law and due process.

They demand that German Prieto, in his capacity as head of the said institution, enforce the law and respect due process, and instruct the employees under his command, to do in accordance with, As it did in other recent casesWithout hesitation, because although you are restricted, it is your responsibility.

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