How rich is Silvia Penal and who will be her heirs?

How rich is Silvia Penal and who will be her heirs?

Silvia Pinal She is one of the most famous actresses in Mexico, however, in recent months she has raised a lot of concern because she has been suffering from various health issues and now she is back on everyone’s lips as she has reappeared in public when participating in a children’s play, however, she is seen very deteriorating So the audience is wondering if the Mexican singer needs to continue exposing herself in this way, as she allegedly enjoys great viewing. luck.

It was recently announced that the 91-year-old famous actress will be returning to the stage this weekend as part of the play “Little Red Riding Hood: What’s Up With Your Grandma!” However, this sparked controversy as she appeared in a wheelchair, listless and presumably did not remember her dialogues.

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