Italian Cup Inter Champion After Defeating Juventus, Ultimate Final, Goals, Opening Square | A series

Italian Cup Inter Champion After Defeating Juventus, Ultimate Final, Goals, Opening Square |  A series

Inter champion in the Italian Cup! He always deserved it, he worked for it and enjoyed it. But he is the champion. At the forefront, Juventus, with skill but no wardrobe depth, are different from Italy, with opener Juan Guillermo Quadrato and six goals.

It was a 2-4 victory in extra time, marked by good management of the bench and the immense resources of Inter, who had already won the first crown of the season … and the crown in hopes of reaching Serie A.

A shot from Parella 6 minutes later, a fantastic freedom to move inwards until he finds the spot and puts the ball at an angle, took Juventus a long time to react.

It took about ten minutes for the finalists to appear: first Dipala and Vlahovich put in two shots, which Handanovic brilliantly solved, but he deflected another attempt by Bernardeci and flew into the header of De Licton when a shot came out of the corner. He made miles as a figure.

This break was almost irrelevant to the Alegri men, he played better against an opponent, he seemed to settle for the dangerous advantage of a goal, and he would soon leave that comfort zone.

In the 49th minute, Alex Sandro took a violent shot, while Alvaro Morata subtly put his feet inside, at least for a fair draw. But he will pass straight, because at the age of 52 Dipalathan rushed in a deadly counter-attack, he completed the pass for Vlahovich, and in a double attempt, he settled the score against Handanovic, who was deflected over a small area. Relapse integrated.

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De Marco, Dumfries, an intruder who tried with the newcomers and Quadrato’s immense savings to avoid Diego’s balance. Error coming through that siege, Calhanoglu converted a penalty for Lottaro for a superb goal, a shot at an angle, unstoppable.

Time was running out when Lottaro Martinez left the field with an Inter and 90 + 1, full of chaos as he was able to punish Alexis and Perisic and Korea with extra time and use all the resources at hand. The speed of the tie.

But time would prove DD right and Perisic converted the title for his team first with a goal from the penalty spot and then shot from outside the box 4-2 with a real goal just like Barrella. He settled everything between 99 and 102 minutes.

Inter celebrated, photographed with the trophy, failed, but deserved to win, while Juventus were unarmed, melted and had nothing to save the season.

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