How to balance work and study

How to balance work and study

Classes at the university last six to eight hours, and then there are late shifts or even night work. Is it worth all the nerves, energy, and poor grades in school? Anyone wants to find an answer to the question: “How can I combine study and work and still manage to live?” After all, being a student is a wonderful time filled with emotions and memories. But what memories will these be if all you remember is the constant routine and endless fatigue?

We decided to find an answer to this question and, of course, share it with you. So how do you find, and more importantly, how do you keep your work-study balance?

So why combine work and study at all?

Of course, it is primarily about money. Some students move to other cities, move into a dormitory or a flat, and then adult life begins. But where to get money for all the “desires” and student parties? There is only one way out – to find a job, because it is unrealistic to live on just a scholarship, and constantly asking your parents for money is shameful. But what other reasons could there be for starting to work while at university?

Valuable experience

Every job is experience. Valuable experience, which is so important to any employer. You learn useful skills like communication, responsibility for yourself and your decisions, teamwork, and many other things.

In universities, lecturers try to create an atmosphere where students learn to work as a team and meet deadlines, but work is another matter. Here, you are unlikely to have the right to retake the course.

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In addition, all the skills and experience gained after the job you can put in your portfolio, which will then be viewed by a potential employer. And in this case, you have a much better chance than someone who has just studied well.

Thoughts on changing careers

Many people work out of their professions. This has become the norm nowadays. If you are studying and you have thoughts that it is not your profession, don’t be afraid to try your hand at something else.

A “slash career” or the combination of two professions is popular these days. Since employers are trying to cut costs on their staff, they find it more profitable to hire one person who is proficient in two fields. That way you become a very valuable employee. In addition, you will get a taste of several professions and get an idea of what you want to be and what your plans are for the future.


Who among us isn’t familiar with the combination ‘getting to know someone’? The people you get to know at your new job can do you a favor in the future. So it’s best to maintain a good (as much as possible) relationship with everyone.

What is the secret to balancing study and work?

There is no secret. The answer lies in a few principles you need to stick to to make it easier for you.

Don’t try to take on more than you can

Are you offered an extra shift at work? Before you accept, weigh up the pros and cons. Will it be worth it if you get a good night’s sleep? Would it be worth missing a class or studying for an exam? Or maybe you won’t be able to go to a friend’s birthday party because of it? It’s important to be able to assess your capabilities, otherwise, you can quickly burn out on your work.

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It is impossible to do everything, but it is important to be able to complete the priorities that you need to allocate each day.

Make a schedule

A clear timetable will allow you to prioritize your tasks and assess your capabilities. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget something, miss something, and then have to finish it at night.

What is important to keep in mind when making your schedule:

  • timing (write a specific date next to the task for clarity);
  • priority (i.e. how important the task is);
  • necessity (is it important to do it or can it be omitted altogether).

This can be done in a handy modern planner or you can download an app on your phone, which you always have on hand.

Flexible working hours

This option is best suited to students. You will be able to visit the office in your spare time. This type of work is all about results, not the number of hours you work.

You can try to make an agreement with your teacher to work on a specific day, for example with another group. In this way, you can adjust to your work schedule. In this case, the most important thing is not to get confused with the new timetable.

Leave time for rest

And we’re not talking about five-minute smoke breaks while you’re working. When you have a couple of hours to spare, you want to make the most of it. Like taking a training course. But you’re exhausted, so you lose concentration, get forgetful, and your work performance suffers. Instead, it’s better to give your brain a break. Even if you have a lot of homework, in this case it is better to think about who can write my essay than to torment yourself. Instead, it is better to watch a relaxing film, talk to friends and relatives.

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Don’t forget your emotional well-being

Most people start to take their physical and mental health seriously when there are not just worrying symptoms, but real, devastating problems. Therefore, it is important to monitor your health and pay attention to even the slightest physical or psychological discomfort. Take care of yourself and your health. Remember to eat and sleep well. Learn to listen to your body so that you can react in time to changes in your well-being. It is not right to work when you are ill. If this is the case, you may want to reconsider your work schedule.

We hope that our tips will help you in life and that you will easily achieve great success in your career just as you are able to study well and have fun as a student.

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