Three players on Trump’s team are proposing their immediate resignation

Three players on Trump’s team are proposing their immediate resignation

Washington – Three players on the presidential team Donald Trump They resigned immediately at the White House on Wednesday following an attack on the Capitol by supporters of the president, in which one of the protesters died.

In November, White House Deputy Speaker Sarah Matthews resigned due to an attack on Capitol Hill by supporters of Trump in an attempt to block Democrat Joe Biden’s certification of election victory, which fulfilled all election guarantees, but the president accused it of being a fraudulent victory.

“As someone who has served in the halls of Congress, I was shocked to see what I saw today. I will give up my role immediately. Our country needs a peaceful transition of power,” said Mathews, a senior player on Trump’s team.

First Lady Melania Trump, who has been in contact with the Trump team since 2015 and has been White House press officer Stephanie Grisham, announced her resignation on Wednesday.

“It is an honor to serve my country at the White House. I am so proud to be a part of Melania Trump’s mission to be the first woman to help children. I am so proud of the achievements of this administration,” Grisham said.

Anna Cristina Nicetta, head of social events at the White House, is also in charge of First Lady, who resigned three years later as part of the Trump team.

Other members of Trump’s team are expected to resign, thus highlighting the seriousness of what happened at Congress headquarters, something the president did not condemn, he even justified.

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Among those considering considering resigning are Robert O’Brien, Trump’s national security adviser; His number two, Matt Pottinger; And according to various media outlets, Chris Little, vice president of the White House.

Hundreds of protesters besieged Capitol as the process of securing Biden’s victory in the November elections began, with a bureaucratic process in general raising no expectations.

Trump promoted rallies in Washington on Wednesday, tortured the crowd shortly before the legislative seat was violently toppled, forced both chambers to evacuate, and created a violent chaos that killed a Trump supporter. .

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