How to choose a VPN provider?

How to choose a VPN provider?

To use the internet safely and guarantee privacy when you are online, a VPN is essential. This is a virtual private network that protects all internet traffic to and from your device. You could view it as a private tunnel separate from the rest of the internet so that nobody can tap into your data, not even your internet provider. This allows you not only to keep your privacy, but also to bypass geo-blocking and censoring.

To acquire a VPN, you need to choose a VPN provider and they will give you the necessary software to install in order to use their services. However, there are so many different VPN providers to choose from. All with their own pros and cons. The choice really depends on what your needs are. Therefore, we take a little look into some of the reasons you may want a VPN.

Protection on public networks

If you regularly make use of public Wi-Fi, you should consider installing a VPN on your mobile device to protect yourself from other users and the owners of that network. It doesn’t matter if this a Wi-Fi network at the office, or a public one on the street, other users could follow everything you are doing online with some simple software.

For protection, you will need a VPN that works on the platform of your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) and has an easy app to use on the go.

Bypass geo-blocking

One of the most popular uses of VPN is to bypass geo-blocking and get access to streaming services of other locations. By choosing a VPN server in a different country, you will be able access different movie libraries of popular streaming services like Netflix.

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You will need a Netflix VPN with servers in the location you are looking for, preferably dedicated to Netflix use. Only these can handle the speeds required for comfortable watching. If you have multiple smart TVs and other devices with Netflix, you may consider a VPN service on your router to cover your entire collection of devices at once.

Prevent censoring

Some countries have very strict censoring laws, which makes freely surfing the web and expressing your opinion impossible. If you are travelling to one of these places, it makes sense to install a VPN. However, only the best VPN will work in these countries. Look specifically for a service that can outsmart these governments.

It is well worth it to take the time and compare VPN services. Create a shortlist with your needs, from software platform to monthly budget and find your best option. It is a good idea to use a comparison website that has the best VPN services side by side and guides you to the right one for you.

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