Identify 3 children in a collapsed building in Miami; 90 people died

Identify 3 children in a collapsed building in Miami;  90 people died

(CNN) – Authorities have identified three of the youngest, aged 5, 6 and 9, who are now in their third week as operations continue at the site of the Surface crash, and they are among the total 90 deaths recorded as of Sunday.

The sad news came after authorities announced that a total of 71 victims had been identified and their families.

A total of 217 people are estimated to be alive after the crash, and 31 are still missing, Miami-Tate Mayor Daniel Levine Cava told a daily news conference.

A building collapse in Miami has killed at least 90 people 1:07

A video of the site of the southern slope of the Sampline Towers taken Sunday night was shown Teams are still being dug through the rubble, Spotlights illuminate their path.

Surfsite Mayor Charles Burkett said teams have found personal items such as rings in the rubble, which they list for return to family members.

The efforts of search and rescue teams have been praised by community members waiting for news of the collapse.

On Saturday evening, local clergy, elected officials, first responders and the families of the victims and survivors and Hutsala gathered with Israeli security forces (IDF) and the Israeli consulate for a memorial service and march. For their efforts.

IDF members, who were on the scene assisting the collapse recovery efforts, received a farewell tribute during the march.

Since the collapse on June 24 to rescue the victims, crews have been working around the clock, stopping only for security reasons such as unstable debris, dangerous storms and lightning.

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Those efforts came as a shock to Pablo Rodriguez, who said he was relieved to find out what happened to his mother and grandmother a few weeks after he went missing in the crash.

“It’s been the first night since the dream started and I’ve been able to get some sleep,” Rodriguez said in a tweet Saturday after authorities identified 87-year-old Elena Chavez and 64-year-old Elena Blaser. .

“The thought they experienced weighed heavily on me and it was a‘ relief ’to make sure they didn’t do that.” This is the best bad news I can get in this situation. The only hope I had. “

Difficulty facing operation in Miami 1:12

The victim is a junior

Authorities on Sunday identified three of the juveniles, including 5-year-old Lorenzo de Oliveira Leon.

Lopez Morera, 6, of Anna Sophia Betten, and his sister Alexia Maria Betten, 9, of Lopez Morera, were rescued on July 7 and publicly identified Sunday. The girls were identified as the last two members of their family.

Lopez Morera III, 3, of Louis Vicente Betten, younger than his brother in the wreckage, was rescued on July 7 and identified Friday.

Sofia Lopez Morera, mother of children, was the sister of the first lady of Paraguay, with her husband, three children and her nanny Torres Sampline living on the tenth floor of Surin.

She and her husband, Louis Battenkill, 36, were identified in the previous report as the family nanny, Leede Vanessa Luna Villalpa, 23.

Paraguayan President Mario Apto Benades arrives in the United States on Friday after learning that his wife’s family has died in a landslide.

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“I regret and regret the discovery of the lifeless bodies of Sofia Lopez Morera, Louis Betten and the youngest of their children,” Paraguayan Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo told the Portuguese television channel Telefuturo last week.

In recent weeks, four other children aged 4 to 11 have been identified, including sisters Emma Guevara, 4, and Lucia Guevara, 11, who were buried in the same coffin last week. They were recovered and identified on June 30.

What’s next for physical recovery in Miami? 2:34

Concerns for the safety of other buildings

Although the collapse sparked building inspections across the country, recent surveys have allayed concerns about the collapse of sister building Supline Towers South.

Burkett said studies by Sampline Towers North, which provided a voluntary evacuation after the crash, have so far yielded positive results.

“The first results of concrete are that the strength of concrete is very good,” Burkett said Sunday. “It has to be or should be beyond that.”

In the days following the collapse, the district and nearby towns began asking building owners to inspect their buildings and submit renovations to buildings of a certain height and age.

This drive has already led to the eviction of a North Miami Beach condo building and the closure of the court in the city of Miami in the 1920s.

CNN’s Natasha Sen, Kevin Conlan, Tina Hockney and CNN’s Sony Lopez Kareli and Marlon Sordo contributed to the report.

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