How to free up space from email with practical steps

How to free up space from email with practical steps

Gmail accounts are very popular for personal and business use, so either way, it pays to optimize them for their storage.

Creating a Google email is very simple, so having that space will help implement some very simple strategies so that you have the space you need.

How to free up space in Gmail

The Support center for this email service It offers some important ideas for getting as much capacity as possible with some good practice.

A simple example is deleting emails that are in trash and spam. To do this, go to the corresponding folders and select “Permanently delete”.

Another effective procedure is to find and remove the largest files from the system. This can be done both in Google Drive and in the Received and Sent folder.

The recommendation, despite how obvious it may be, is to review older files and delete them if they are unnecessary, since they have been saved many times years ago.

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The Help Center states that PDFs, images, and videos are taking up space in Drive, while what’s in Shared with me, photos, and videos prior to June 1, 2021, are in high quality or in storage-saving mode.

On PC, you can see how much space is available in your Gmail account by checking the address

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