How to get a Knighthood – Complete Guide

How to get a Knighthood – Complete Guide

Before moving on to our main topic, let’s first get acquainted with the Knighthood, since 1917 the British government has been awarding distinguished citizens with points in the most distinguished ranking in the British Empire.

Although the order, established by King George V, was originally intended to honor first-class civil and military conduct in wartime, it soon expanded to include peacetime achievements as well and now it can be received by common citizens as well who have done thing we mentioned below.

Who decides who becomes a Knight?

Technically, the reigning monarch is the sovereign in command and is responsible for making all appointments. On a practical level, the Queen receives advice and recommendations from the Secretary of State for Defense and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Benefits of being a knight?

Advantages include having a place in the British Order of Precedence, the ambiguous system that develops a hierarchy of ceremonial significance for things like the state dinner. Furthermore, knights earn their wives the right to be called a “lady”, and knights and ladies of the Grand Cross can modify their coat of arms to reflect honor.

Who is eligible for Knighthood?

As we know not everyone can get the Knighthood easily, actually there are some criteria based on that only Knighthood is given, as far we know they are

  • For their outstanding and unique service
  • Person who have enhanced country’s reputation.

Best way to get Knighted?

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