How to know where someone is without knowing from whatsapp?

How to know where someone is without knowing from whatsapp?

Today we will tell you how you can know someone’s location by using Share And he does not know it, so keep reading, you can do it step by step.

So now you can know where someone is without having to pass you by Location On WhatsApp.

This time we bring it to you Trick It will definitely be very helpful if you want to know the approximate location of one of your WhatsApp contacts without worrying or asking.

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Although this data is useful in emergencies, you should keep in mind that tracking a person’s location is their violation PrivacySo this trick is very necessary and definitely best to use when asking the other person.

To track the location of WhatsApp contact, you need to follow the steps we suggest:

The person you want to track should first do a Google search for the image they are interested in.

Once selected, right-click on it and select “Copy Image Address”.

Now go to the page, paste the link “Paste the link to the website or the image you want to raffle” and click “Short ten”.

Copy the green link that appears on the left side of “Your IP Locker Link for Collecting Statistics”.

Then send a message to the person whose location you would like to know, and paste in the link you previously copied.

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Once the person opens the link, go to the tab on the left and say “Registered IPs”.

There you will find the connection opening time, IP address, contracted internet service, country, city, operating system, browser and location on the map.

Clicking on the map will show the location of the user’s Internet Service Provider who clicked on the sent link.

Copy the IP address that appears in the second column and now you need to enter, which can give you the approximate location of that person.

Paste the IP address you copied into the “Enter the IP address you are interested in” box.

Ready, with these steps you can find out the approximate address of your WhatsApp contact because IP gives you 50 to 98% accuracy when it is located, and even if it does not give you a specific address, a stranger can find out the country, state or city where you are.

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