How To Properly Take Advantage Of Your Window Sill

How To Properly Take Advantage Of Your Window Sill

What Is A Window Sill?

Window sill, also known as a window bottom or window ledge, is a shelf-like, flat wooden piece found at the window frame’s base. Window sills are an element of the window trim that also includes the side jambs, head casing, and a piece fixed to the wall below the window sill called the apron. Each of them plays a role in maintaining the window structurally strong. The window sill is built to conceal gaps and add a stylish appeal. It differs with decor styles, from the architecturally particular styles such as Prairie, Victorian, and Craftsman to the simplest picture-frame sill. One easy way of selecting an inside window sill is to match it with the rest of the home’s moldings to achieve a cohesive appearance.

Why Is The Window Sill Important For A Home?

1. To Keep The Water Out

Keeping the water out from structures is the first preference for window sills. Window trims are an important part of construction and building projects. This is because, without them, snow and rain can enter through the windows resulting in the rotting of your wooden structure. If your house isn’t built with wood frames, then the interior would have been lined using drywall. If water seeps into your window trim, it can break down the drywall leading to mold growth and can decay behind the painted walls. Window trims are used at the top and bottom of a window. As water flows down a house, the top window sill captures it directing it away from the building. The water spills either over the window sill or on the side avoiding it from entering through and damaging the interior structure of the building.

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2.     Holds A Window In Place

Window sills are important as they are an element of any building’s structure. They act as the window frame to secure it in place. In the absence of a window sill, the window opening might swing and shift as the base settles. This can damage the cohesion of an installation leading to cracks and therefore, an uneven structure. The window trim behaves as a brace to strengthen the wall. So, including window sills is an absolute necessity when it comes to deciding on a building budget.

3.     Decorative Space

Earlier, window sills in the buildings were made from wood as it was less expensive and easier to get. The drawback to this is that as wood is a living organism i.e., a plant, it will gradually decay. Though you may still want to use a wooden window sill for your house, you have other choices available. For

instance, many people like using plastic window sills. However, others prefer to use metallic window sill. And, those who actually want their homes to stand out commonly use window sill made of marble.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Window Sill

Window sills can be small, big, or tiny, and still can be taken advantage of and can be customized making them unique as well as comfortable. The best part is that there are various ways of decorating an indoor home window sill or utilize the space innovatively and you can pick from a plethora of ideas that need your time for passion and experimenting with the space. Here are some ideas for using the space of the window sill to make it more functional:

1.     Using It As An Extra Seating

This is a good idea as you can create a lovely nook in your bedroom or additional seating space in your living space. If you are planning to transform your window sill into seating, then the height from the floor to the window shouldn’t be less than 19 inches and the depth should be about 15 inches. This is imperative for having a convenient seating space. Consider adding decorative pillows for adding color accents while creating a feeling of coziness and comfort.


2.     Using It As A Countertop

In many designs, the window sill countertop is a space where the kitchen sink is presently offering an outside view. This idea lets you utilize maximum sunlight and in small as well as large kitchens, having as much natural sunlight as possible is an outstanding option. The first rule for countertop installation is the height which should be around 32-36 inches. When it comes to countertop material, the options are unlimited: wood, butcher’s block, quartz, granite, tile, stainless steel, or a marble countertop.

3.     Using It As A Work Desk

This is a perfect idea for small apartments. This idea of transforming the window sill into a work desk while making it a functional place for studying offers the advantage of using natural sunlight. This is an outstanding idea suitable for craft rooms also. The standard height for a comfortable work desk is around 29-30 inches and a depth of around 20 inches.

4.     Use It For Placing Indoor Plants

All plants require sunlight and there isn’t any better place than your window sill. It is also an excellent place for your herb garden. Firstly, your window sill will be decorated in a unique way and secondly, you can have fresh herbs in your lunch/dinner any time. Select those plants that cheer you: succulents, blooming flowers, bonsai, herbs, or cacti. You can have an extremely stunning decoration by planting them in small containers and placing them on the window sill.

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5.     Using It As A Storage Space

Window sills are an extremely great storage solution. The space beneath the window sill can be used for storage by adding open shelves, drawers, bookshelves, and so on. The usage of storage organizers such as boxes, baskets, crates will depend completely on you. However, the space below the window sill is very valuable not to utilize. If your kitchen has a window sill bench, then the space beneath the window sill can hold cookwares. And, in the bedroom, the space below the window sill can be used to store extra pillows, blankets, etc.

Bottom Line

Window sill decor ideas offer amazing ways of utilizing the space, which is commonly overlooked. Whether you reside in an apartment or in a private home, your living room should be used in an innovative way. Additionally, the window sill can serve to be functional as well as a great focal point or an accent in the room decor.

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