Vaccine Rally Steam – FTSE rises for eighth day due to loss of live updates

Vaccine Rally Steam – FTSE rises for eighth day due to loss of live updates

G.morning. The FDSE 100 vaccine rally is set to open somewhat as it runs out of steam.

Despite the positive news from Pfizer on Monday, Europe is still struggling to cope with the second wave of the virus. France and Italy recorded the highest daily casualties since April yesterday, while the ICU capacity in Paris was depleted.

5 things to start your day

1) What is the vaccine for the world economy: After months of locking and many more, global economic prospect forecasters have learned to find a lasting solution to the epidemic.

2) Vaitros doubles at new food counters: As some supermarket chains call time on new food counters, Waitros is committed to launching its own open and virtual versions next year.

3) Luxury brands ask Sunak to reconsider VAT-free shopping decision: From Gucci to Hugo Boss, brands have warned that the proposed ban on tax-free shopping for dogs will cost billions and trigger a brutal tourism collapse.

4) Destroying foreign-born workers as Govt destroys jobs: The number of foreign-born workers in the UK fell by nearly 600,000 last year as Govt threw waste into the job market and spurred outsiders.

5) Billionaire bid for national lottery receives 500 million m from Apollo: One of the largest purchasing funds in the world is to support the initiative of Czech billionaire Karel Gomerk for a national lottery from the current operator.

It happened overnight

Asian markets rose again on Wednesday as investors continued to feel positive from the news of the highly successful vaccine test and Joe Biden’s US election victory.

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Shares have already soared over the past weekend as the former vice president appeared certainly looking to seize control of the White House from Donald Trump and provide greater commitment to world affairs.

But when the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Germany’s Bioendech said on Monday that a candidate for a Govt-19 vaccine was 90 percent effective, the rocket provided fuel, which boosted hopes of moving toward the planet’s default.

When the uprising in New York appeared to stumble on Tuesday – the Dow jumped, but the S&P 500 slipped – Asia was positive again.

Tokyo, Sydney and Seoul all rose more than one percent, while Hong Kong, Wellington, Taipei and Jakarta also enjoyed new profits.

However, Singapore and Manila made gains after rising on Tuesday.

Coming up today

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Economy: Nothing is planned.

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