How to Save Money on Entertainment

How to Save Money on Entertainment

When people are looking to cut back on spending, one of the first things they tend to minimize is the degree of funds invested into sources of entertainment and recreation.

While this is completely rational, nowadays there are ever-more means by which you can afford to retain your favorite sources of entertainment thanks to the many special deals and promotions available in what amounts to a large and competitive market sector.

Below we’re going to look at two key areas where you can make surprising savings on your entertainment, letting you have your cake and eat it when it comes to having fun on a budget.

Promos and Discounts

One of the oldest tricks in the book, consumers nowadays have a tendency to overlook the extent and degree of impact diligently seeking out promotional offers and coupons can have on your entertainment and recreation bottom line.

That’s not to say the industry isn’t big business – in fact as of 2022, the worldwide mobile coupons sector is worth over $393.1 billion, and for good reason. Major platforms in this space, such as Groupon, have established themselves as one of the leading sources of promotion and discovery for popular attractions, restaurants, and live venues the world over.

With an established presence in over 500 cities worldwide, Groupon alone provides competitive deals to no less than 48 million active users today. Not only does this bode well for recreational venues, but typically translates to meaningful savings for customers of up to 50% in select cases.

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Of course, promotional offers and coupons are not restricted to these sectors and can be just as readily utilized online as in person. Many entertainment sectors, such as the iGaming industry, actively seek to provide no deposit casino bonuses for new and returning patrons online, knowing that this is one of the most efficient means of increasing conversions to their services.

Leading comparison platforms in this sector, such as VegasSlotsOnline, serve as a directory to collate these various offers in one place, thus establishing themselves as an expert resource users can turn to in order to find not only the best deals but also the most highly recommended platforms to patronize.

This is compounded by this service’s commitment to reviewing and rating each affiliate it works with on its individual merits, features, and quality.

Online comparison platforms have become well established across most sectors nowadays, with certain providers – like HolidayPirates, even focusing on connecting you with cut-rate deals on international all-inclusive vacations.

Explore Affordable Subscriptions

With the cost of subscription services steadily rising over time, many users are opting to jump ship altogether and forgo the benefits of accessing their favorite shows and movies rather than absorb the cost of retaining them.

While there are a number of present strategies users can employ to ease the costs involved, such as splitting the fee with housemates or family members, the strain an $18 Netflix subscription in 2022 represents is noteworthy.

Fortunately, thanks to ongoing competition in this fiercely contested space, major platforms – among them, Netflix and Disney+, have begun trialing budget tiers designed to ease access to their products.

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This makes sound financial sense for their companies, as having a reliable subscriber base – at any level – is ultimately more beneficial to an organization in the long run.

The first Over the Top service rumored to bring their new budget tier to market will be Netflix, which plans to roll out their entry-level offering in Q1 of 2023. It is thought that this service will be priced at around $5, which is a full $2 less than their current cheapest option.

There is, naturally, a catch in all this however as both Netflix and Disney’s offerings will be cheaper services that play adverts. Whether this can be thought as a reasonable trade-off will be down to an individual’s preferences, but there’s no denying that this option increases accessibility to these services for those looking to cut costs without sacrificing the benefits of these platforms.

It’s also worth noting that not all platforms operate on the same models – for example, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s own OTT offering, comes bundled with its wider Amazon Prime suite of services.

These include Prime Music, a Spotify rival, Amazon Luna – their cloud gaming service, and of course, priority delivery for products purchased through their webstore. By combining several disparate entertainment sectors into one, Prime arguably offers superior value to its rivals.

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