Slap Galilee Montego! Yalitza Aparicio and Superholly met and posed so smiling in this photo

Slap Galilee Montego!  Yalitza Aparicio and Superholly met and posed so smiling in this photo

It was in 2018 the actress Mexican Yalitza Aparicio has achieved international fame as the star of the Academy Award-winning film “Roma” by Alfonso Cuaron.

After his participation in the film, which Cuaron won with Oscar Award For Best Director, the heroine of this story caught the attention of the international media as she reached stardom in direct.

It is worth remembering that Yalitza Recommended for best actress, Although he didn’t win, his Oscar nomination for his performance in “Roma” was the spearhead his career needed, which suddenly made an international impact.

Under this scenario it is easy to understand how to do it Actress Fame Oaxacan Take her to the spotlight, So Yalitza was involved in dozens of controversies in the public eye, the most recent of which was her connection to the influencer and English coach a favour Like Superholly.

Superholly controversy emerged with Yalitza

Last January 11, Superholly analyzed the pronunciation of a file Einglish From Yalitza Aparicio, because he found in a publication that the actress really coped with the language as a “native” person, so he decided to analyze the English level of the Mexican actress.

Join me to reply to English for the first time Yalitza Aparecio After reading an article he describes it as “perfect”. I wanted to interact directly with the camera operation and well… well, that wasn’t what I expected” influential However, in his video, it would unleash a huge controversy on social networks, as it was said super holly She criticized Yalitza and then the actress Oaxacan Upload a video Assuming she is not an expert in English And that her papers reflect that she is a Mexican fluent in a foreign language.

Galilea Montego and the controversy

However, in this controversy was seen included For a third person, it’s about one of the most beloved TV presenters of all time: Galilea Montijo.

During the broadcast of the morning show Hoy on January 27, Galilea Montejo criticized Superholly and asserted that the language teacher had criticized the hero of the story from Rome.

“Superholly is the girl who gave Yalitza everything, she was born in Venezuela and lives in Mexico, she teaches English, but Superholly the day you have the wool that Yalitza has in your account and you slam it, then we talk baby,” Montejo said.

However, YouTube defended itself and confirmed it I noticed that Galilea Montijo at the time did not take the time to watch the video, and stressed that it was reprehensible that Montijo said so Importance In life to be able to give constructive criticism is to have money.

Briefly, super holly He stressed that at no time did he attack Yalitza Aparicio, but simply analyzed his level of English because netizens asked him to.

Social media has exploded recently because it’s been more than a month since that controversy The topic keeps giving something to talk about, now because super holly Galilea Montejo slapped a white glove after he uploaded a photo of Yalitza Aparicio hugging, where he also described being with a great woman, implying that there was no rivalry between them.


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