How to turn any emoji into a sticker in iOS 17

How to turn any emoji into a sticker in iOS 17

You can now use emojis as stickers on your Apple devices. Follow this simple tutorial to do so.

Create and use your favorite emojis as stickers with iOS 1. Find out an easy way to do it.

Emojis have become another form of expression during the digital age, although stickers have arrived over the years. It became more popular It has already taken over the most used messaging apps currently. We have already talked about the various advantages that the latest iOS update has brought to our devices and even the new features that we have not yet seen in iOS 17, but this time we will focus on emojis and stickers.

The use of these stickers has been very popular among iPhone users for several years, for example, with iOS 10 we saw them appear through iMessage, then with iOS 12 the fitness activity stickers arrived and since iOS 13 they have been available through Memoji. But now, with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 It is possible to convert any emoji present on your original keyboard into a sticker.

Make a sticker of your favorite emoji

To make an emoji sticker we will only use one thing, iMessage or Messages app And do the following:

  • Open the Messages app in iOS 17.
  • Show the emoji keyboard to send a message.
  • Select the emoji you want to create a sticker with and hold down, and you will notice the effect telling you that you can drag.
  • Take it to the letterbox. You may notice that it is larger than usual.
  • Send the message with the big emoji that’s now a photo collage.
  • Finally, you can press and hold on the image to display a menu in which the save option appears and thus perform the process of creating a label for all applications from the image.
Make stickers of your favorite emojis

How to make stickers of your favorite emojis

These stickers work perfectly in any app that supports stickers on the keyboard, although their use is more aimed at the Messages app, where we can make the most of them and There is no need to do the other operation.

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