How to watch reclassification game live

How to watch reclassification game live

MX League

Chivas and Camoteros meet Saturday night at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium for the Repechage of the Liga MX 2021 Apertura Tournament.

Against Sivas.  Puebla: How to watch live
© Figure 7Against Sivas. Puebla: How to watch live

21 to: 00 hrs, time This Saturday we will experience a competition of greater intensity and emotion from the center of Mexico: The Deportivo Guadalajara Will pay a visit to Puebla. Game Repechage corresponds Of Creta Mexico Abertora Tournament 2021 From MX League And by arbitrator Marco Antonio Ortiz, Linemen will come along Michel Alejandro Morales Placeholder Image And Enrique Isaac Bastos.

+ Follow the live broadcast against Chivas. Puebla via TV Azteca Sports

Sivas will be back in action in this interesting fight against La Franca as a spectator. When Rojiblanca went away from home on the final day, they beat Mazatlan 1-0. Now the strategist Marcelo Michel Leaño will seek to improve the functioning of the Holy Flock In a game that will not be at the Puebla home tomorrow, that team will be approachedS quarterback.

Guadalajara finished 10th in the general table with 22 units, Production of five wins, seven draws and five setbacks. To him Herd Not tomorrow, they need to win to fully enter Liguila and try to surpass what they deserved in the previous season as well. Play-off, but they were knocked out 4-2 by Pacquiao.

When, at what time Sivas vs. Puebla?

Sivas will travel to La Franca this Saturday, November 20th From 2021 9:00 pm Central Mexico time At Cauhtémoc Stadium. Next, we tell you what time it will be in other countries:

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Where to watch live streaming against Chivas. Puebla

The match between Deportivo Guadalajara and Los Camoteros will be televised Mexico By the symptoms of Azteca Siete It will be broadcast on TUDNUSA throughout Mexico and the United States.

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