Patti Chaboye confirms Carmen Muñoz’s departure from TV Azteca | News from Mexico

Patti Chaboye confirms Carmen Muñoz’s departure from TV Azteca |  News from Mexico

Mexico City. – Carmen Munoz He has been left out of the ranks of Azteca TV.

according to Patty ChaboyThe driver’s job with the Ajusco TV station is over.

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Muñoz used his Twitter account to highlight that the most important thing at this moment is his family with the following message: “Happy Friday! Thank you all for your messages!! Nothing is better than being united at all times. Always with the support of @juanangel_mx my husband, Cosette my daughter and my family!! I Love!! Send them kisses.”

Patti Chaboye confirms it

Hours later, the owner of the entertainment Azteca said: “About 10 days ago I asked for permission to miss one season, because her mother Apparently he suffered a fall and his father was in poor health, They live in Guadalajara, and they are on the move. Here they ask her on such and such a day until she comes to sign the contract, but they tell her, like this day if it’s good to come back, because you have to sign the new contract, she came back and made the decision not to sign this contract and not to work here.”

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Then Patti explained that the TV station producers They did everything they could to make Carmen change her decision. Among the questions about ‘What’s going on with you?’ What happens to you to make that decision? “…she said very clearly that she simply ‘no longer wanted to continue, that she wanted to devote herself to writing books.’” She was told, “You don’t live to write books,” but she said, “No, at this moment she was leaving.”

Chapuy also spoke about the possibility that Muñoz might have received another job offer. “He was asked if he actually had an offer, and the answer was ‘Not today, I don’t know tomorrow.’ But look, if it’s really about the fact that she should be close to her parents, she’s absolutely right, of course the family comes first.”

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Finally, the drivers agreed that Muñoz’s departure was a huge loss for their company, and even pointed out that if she thought she was worth more than what was shown to her on TV, she was right.

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