How violent! Ninel Conte attacks a popular singer in the middle of a live show: “He wanted to lie down”

How violent!  Ninel Conte attacks a popular singer in the middle of a live show: “He wanted to lie down”

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Mexico City.- Almost a month later Larry Ramos Escape FBI After meeting at Home Guard On Miami, His partner is a singer Ninel Conte This has again been the target of controversy.

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At the moment, the famous actress is not only involved in her husband’s illicit affairs, but also her colleague, the singer’s accusation Nolia Who was accused of assaulting her at a concert.

In a recent interview, Puerto Rican answered a question about his relationship with her.Killer HottieAnd his opinion on the legal controversy he faces, where he stressed that “they are clowns” and “they are unworthy to be called entrepreneurs”.

What a barbarism, they are not bad results, that is, abusing your free will, doing bad things, then the bad thing will come to you, “he said.

It was at that moment that Ninel Conte made one of his songs his own, and on one occasion, when she was invited to a reality show, Ninel did not attend the rehearsal and tried to bring her down. Stage, for pure “tandrum”.

“They pay tribute to me. Everything is fitted. She doesn’t want to go to rehearsal. She throws anger and rage. She made it all harder because she had to respect me. They forced her, she kicked everything,” he said.

She wanted to lie down live on national television, thank God I have a lot of intuition … she tried to knock me out, I purged her to avoid the blow she wanted to hit me … she’s not a good person and everyone we know, “he said.

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