Hugh Grant’s Wrath in the Dungeons and Dragons Collection

Hugh Grant’s Wrath in the Dungeons and Dragons Collection

Hugh Grant, in presentation of “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.” (Photo by Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures).

Hugh Grant He admitted to being angry on the set of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The 62-year-old actor revealed that He had two temper tantrums and lashed out at a woman on set. When he mistook her for a studio executive.

This was reported by the Daily Mail column Eden Confidential:

‘On the very first day I got angry with a girl on my eye line. I thought she must have known better, being a studio executive. It later turns out that he was a very beautiful local woman who was the young woman’s companion. Terrible. A lot of submission’.

Denotes the contemptuous anger of Christian Bale was on set during the filming of ‘Terminator: Salvation’He added: “I did a Christian Bale.”

Grant previously admitted to throwing a tantrum after ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart banned him from the show.

John Stewart.  (AP Photo/Brad Parkett, File)

John Stewart. (AP Photo/Brad Parkett, File)

John said:

“He gives everybody crap all the time, and he’s a big pain in the ass.”

Hugh Grant commented:

‘I had a temper backstage. About once a year, I have a mega tantrum, and unfortunately, he saw it.”

He also explained that his bad attitude has led to acting roles in the past.

Grant explained:

‘After music and lyrics, since 2005 I have developed a bad attitude. I have had enough. Then I came in 2009 and did another film. I wasn’t the one who left Hollywood then. Hollywood pushed me because I made a big turkey in that movie with Sarah Jessica Parker.[¿Escuchaste lo de los Morgans?’]. Whether he liked it or not, after that, his days as the highest-paid leading actor were suddenly gone overnight. It was a bit embarrassing, but left life behind for other things.’

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